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Year 6 Day 357 8:37

I tried to join SW Combine but got an email about using a free email service!! I don't use a free email service! I have my own domain name and personal email. Why did they think that gabereiser.com was a free email service!?!?

Here is the email I got in my personal mailbox.

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

Your e-mail address was not accepted because it is originating from a free e-mail supplier. E-mail addresses from domains such as @hotmail.com or @yahoo.com or any other free e-mail provider are not permitted. Please use your e-mail address assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider. Please refer to the Character Creation rules page located at http://rules.swcombine.com/character/charactercreation/ for more information. If you own a private domain , then you must use webmaster@ or admin@ as registered email address.

Please make the necessary changes and try again. If you have any questions or queries feel free to post on the post on the Problem Centre or visit the help room on IRC, #swc-help.
The SW Combine Administration
Star Wars Combine

I own the domain but I don't have a webmaster@gabereiser.com or an admin@gabereiser.com (why should I need it?)

So, if I can't join with my normal email, then I guess I just won't join.

Year 6 Day 357 8:47
Tenodera Aridifolia
Tenodera Aridifolia
If you own it, then what's the problem with using an admin@ adress for one time? You can change it to your normal adress after receiving joining.

Year 6 Day 357 12:03
Please read the whole email. It clearly states at the bottom that you have to use admin@ or webmaster@ if you're using your personal domain to sign up.


Year 6 Day 357 16:18

not stressed about it. i'm not going to create a new email account just to join SWCombine, thanks, but no thanks. you guys enjoy.