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Year 6 Day 35 15:09
Im stuck on a Galforee Meduim Transport (named Galforee Meduim Transport) which I cannot pilot or leave. I can't remember how I got there as I had come back on after nearly a year of inactivity to find myself here. Without any co-ords given or any idea of where I am I cant even get my faction to retrieve me or pick me up.

Can my location be recieved or can I be moved to a more accessible location?

Year 6 Day 35 18:58
coords are:

496, -469
14, 14


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 37 11:25

i cant join it says my emails like incorrect or somethinig help!

Year 6 Day 52 8:58
Vinicius Alleack
Vinicius Alleack
I am stuck in soem place (i dont know where )...the follow message is show when i click Position:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: keycard() in /var/www/localhost/main/members/character/position/CharFrameTravelDetails.php on line 116

i can´t find my character and i can´t ply the game...i wait for answer...

Year 6 Day 52 22:45
see your bug base post, I fixed this a few hour ago.


Kids these days!