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Archives » Question about where to find Combine Images.
In the begining of the game you start out with a standard race portrait that you choose. I originally knew where the website was located but I forgot after I switched my portrait to the current image.

So back to the point. I was wondering what the web address for it was.

Thanks. (Feel free to close this post afterwards)


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Not sure about PC images, but the page to change the image for NPCs has been broken for a month or 3

Yea I noticed that. I was just saying that in order to make custom NPCs you need to use the basic portrait images. I noticed that it's impossible to change the infofield or portrait of a custom NPC once they have already been spawned.


Stop Living in the Past, and Look Toward the Future.
No? The SWC frame is available via the art forum, and you can apply a custom image to an NPC at any time. Or, if you ask VERY nicely, I might replace the image links. Always remember to tip your art team members!

When you spawn a custom NPC you do not have to use standard SWC NPC images - you can make your own, ensure that it meets the requirements for a custom image, and then supply the link to that when you exchange CPs for it.

You can also make a custom image for your NPCs in a similar fashion, from the same place.

As for the NPC images, if you really want to grab the rules images, use the Character Creation tool in the Character page - this allows you to run through character creation again without actually affecting anything. At the end will be the options for the race and gender you chose. Unfortunately its a bit awkward as you have to assign skills etc to get to that page, but it does get you there eventually.


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Alright thanks.


Stop Living in the Past, and Look Toward the Future.