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Year 11 Day 357 8:11
Hanniba`al Hanran
Hanniba`al Hanran
Let say I have 1000 Sanyassan Riflemen and I want them all in the same uniform.
Is there a method to submit all of them or would need to be submitted individually?

Year 11 Day 357 8:42
Individually. It is payback for making the art team accept 1000 images individually.

Year 11 Day 357 8:51
Doesn't it say somewhere in the rules you can have custom faction NPC images when you hire them or something like that?


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Year 11 Day 357 14:06
If they are the same image, why would/should you have to submit them individually? If the first is accepted, then wouldn't the following 999 be accepted as well? Unless you mean you are going for the "Terracotta Warrior" look (hundreds of soldiers all wearing the same uniform but each face different)

Year 11 Day 357 16:04
I don't know TIali, maybe because that is how the system works? If you want a custom on an image, you have to apply it.

One at a time.

Regardless of whether it is the same image or not.

ANd then we have to click an accept button for every image he submits.

So yes, he has to submit every one individually, as there is no squadron/multiple custom application system yet.

Year 11 Day 357 18:36
Faction NPCs, unless its changed, should be a case of sending image links to the Art Team for approval, for each race. Then once accepted, any NPCs of that race will then have that image available in the Edit NPC page, along with the normal rules images. If the NPC is removed from the faction, it reverts to a rules image.

Edit NPC page seems to not work at the moment, but that was how it was supposed to work.


Year 11 Day 360 18:51
Hanniba`al Hanran
Hanniba`al Hanran
I would like to pursue this further. Who specifically on the Art Team would I contact?

Year 11 Day 360 20:10
Hanniba, Ellias says it is broken, and as I only scrape NPCs every oce in a while, I am inclined to believe him. THat would also only work for faction NPOCs.

Year 11 Day 361 8:17
Hanniba`al Hanran
Hanniba`al Hanran
Thank you. :-)