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Year 12 Day 170 16:46
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
I'm so sorry. I know this has been asked before, and pretty recently, but I just can't find it.

My question is: If you send a squad to patrol do then gain xp from that? If so is it the normal amount? Also how long will they keep patroling?

New question to make this thread less useless!

If I set my npc's to guard a spot will they let me know if someone approaches? if not/so what do they do?

Year 12 Day 173 18:02
Hans Yond
Hans Yond

Year 12 Day 173 18:14
I have my Elite Ewok Spare Marines patrol around my facilities to gain XP. They receive the same amount as they gain from travelling in your party. They will patrol the route you give them in a circuit until ordered otherwise.

In the case of patrolling I am unsure if they stop to attack foes or simply alert you, but the guard command is considered as an "attack move", they will attack any enemies in range en-route and at the final destination.

EDIT: Clarification

Edited By: Phillip Bromley on Year 12 Day 173 18:24
Year 12 Day 178 10:02
Hans Yond
Hans Yond

so you can set as many way points as you like?

Year 12 Day 178 13:43
Yes, and the'll follow them in a loop until the order is cancelled.

Year 12 Day 179 0:53
Can you remote cancel the order? Or do you have to chase them down/wait until they pass you and trip them up?

Year 12 Day 179 1:21
As long as you're in the same city, you can cancel orders and issue new ones. They're are called remote squads, after all. However, you can't issue new orders when you're not in the same city, or across the galaxy. I don't know if you can cancel them at a distance though.

Year 12 Day 179 2:18
Was just thinking of setting up mah troops to run around in circles until they got to lvl 3 and then telling them to take a break while ah was off traveling the galaxy, but as long as they get the same amount of exp on their own as they would tailing me, ah can set up the extras to follow while working with ship crew/family members (or maybe just sit in the corner and order the lot to do a dozen laps while hairy Teniel serves me chilled beverages :D)

Year 12 Day 179 20:05
My Elite Ewok Space Marines are still running around my secret hideout, despite me being on the other side of the galaxy. If you want to train 'em, just leave 'em.

Year 12 Day 180 0:42
Yeah, but considering ah'm often away for months (if not a year) ah don't want them outleveling me :P

Year 12 Day 180 11:14
I doubt they'll get much past level five in a reasonable amount of time. I don't plan on leveling my Elite Ewok Space Marines any higher than that, since it's more worthwhile to just train another squad to level five in the same time it'd take that squad to get to level six.