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Year 12 Day 232 23:34
I have been away from a while and was put in jail. so i re-spawned how do i remake my character or do i have to wait from the re-spawn time to end before i can make me?

Year 12 Day 233 0:19
If you just respawned, then you have a character already. You cannot spawn at a HQ or homeworld unless you have gone through the character creation process already.

If you mean recreate your character again, you will have to die either through getting someone to arrest and execute you (the best option) or fly a ship into a sun or blackhole. THen you will have to wait the 3 week recreate period before making a new character and respawning.


Year 12 Day 233 1:16
Flying into a black hole is fairly over the top ellias, just look at Keir :)


Not even Death's embrace shall save you from me.

There are too many good guys in this galaxy, which is why you have me.

Year 12 Day 233 7:11
ok thanks

Year 12 Day 233 7:56
Yeah, but if I didn't say it some smart-alec would come along and say that you can.


Year 12 Day 233 9:46
If he was trapped in a jail then he should meet the requirements for having his character dropped.

Year 12 Day 234 10:07
yes that is what i did

Year 12 Day 236 2:50
is there any difference???

Year 12 Day 236 3:50
Well if you are just trapped behind a door, there is no automatic feature to allow you to drop your character like there is if you are arrested. You would need to make a support ticket (Contact Support link at the bottom right) with a request to drop your character.