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The Faerytail Family

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 15 Day 187
Leader: Simkin Dragoneel
Second In Command: Vonar Solon
Recruitment Liaisons: Simkin Dragoneel, Vladamiur Veselov
Chat: Discord Invite

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The Faerytail Family was initially started with the creation of Faerytail Medical. Faerytail Medical was formed by the dream of Simkin Dragoneel, Erik Thor, and Kirlos Serlon in their desire for medical items and services to be more easily accessible for all people located in the galaxy.

The name of Faerytail was created from a legend in certain backwater worlds located on the Outer Rim about a mythical creature known as the Faery. According to the legends, this vicious little creature’s tail has the power to cure any illness, and even regenerate limbs. Some legends even claim this object has the power to bring back life to the recently dead. The Faerytail Family has been devoted ever since to curing the sick and selling Medical Items to all beings.

However, this universe is not a nice or kind place. Many different groups and people have tried to hurt members of Faerytail in their benevolent quest. In order to better defend themselves, Guardians of the Fey was formed (GoF).  For a while, the elite mercenaries of Guardians of the Fey were enough.  However, the territory that Faerytail controlled kept growing larger, and a change was needed to better oversee them.  On Y17 D97 GoF was renamed to The Faerytail Family (TFF).  A restructuring was also started, changing the Family structure that Faerytail was known for into a Family/Monarchy hybrid.  This made the founder of Faerytail take a new title of "King-Father" and his wife Astrid to take on the new title of "Queen-Mother".  During Y19 the desire of the Faerytail Royal Family to defend the Faerytail Citizens and to strike against those that made themselves enemies of Faerytail led to joining the Imperial Union.  Along with their allies The Galactic Empire, Tresario Star Kingdom, Black Sun, and Knights of the Fountain Faerytail continues to defend it's own and strike down enemies.

The Faerytail Family has participated in and won a large number of conflicts.  Some of these include: The War for Tolanda, Battle of Oshara IV, War for Mechis, Hosnian War, Second Battle of Krmar II, and various other unlisted skirmishes.

At this time the Faerytail Family spans 21 systems with a population of over 1.4 Trillon residents.  To better service the needs of our various residents there are a number of companies that are part of the Family and are encompassed by the Government.  These companies are: Faerytail Medical, The Je`daii Order, Ubrikkian Industries, Faerytail Trading Company, and Faerytail Resource Management.  We are also one of the few groups that value our members as Family and do our utmost to take care of them instead of betraying them for our own profit.

For live chat with us find us on discord at: https://discord.gg/YYNqvQE

We no longer use IRC at all.

Faerytail sells rentals of some of our Datacards:

Dreadnaught - 3M each.  15M unlimited

Nebulon-B Frigate - 2M each.  10M unlimited

Corona Frigate - 1M each.  5M unlimited

C-Frag Shotgun - 1M unlimited per factory

Battle Armour - 1M unlimited per factory

Is it a fantasy to actually care about ones members and to do everything in your power to protect them?  Perhaps it is.... a mere Faerytail......


Faction Government Planetary Control Medical Mining Religion Trading Manufacturing Datacards Information Diplomacy

Datacards Owned:
Ships Vehicles Droids Items Weapons Facilities Stations
Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
TIE-wing Ugly
X-ceptor Ugly
Y-TIE Ugly
C-wing Ugly
Raider-class Missile Corvette
Y-8 Mining Vessel
Sysat T-20
Sysat T-24
Star Saber XC-01 Starfighter MkII
GRZ-6B Wrecker
EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
Corona-class Frigate
GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat
Sprint-class Rescue Craft
EF76 Nebulon-B Medical Frigate
EVS Construction Droid
SX-65 Groundhog
FK-7 Airspeeder
Kettrifee Air Mover
LIN-series Miner
DD-13 Medical Assistant
MD Medical Specialist
Riot Shield
Artificial Arms
Ryll Patch
Portable Power Generator
Amphibian Survival Mask
Death Stick
Bacta Ryfill
Cyborg Weapons Unit
Bacta Patch
Bacta Refill
Bacta Tank
Healing Stick
Laser Scalpel
Artificial Eyes
Cyborg Ranged Combat Unit
Cyborg Metallurgy Unit
Cyborg Engines Unit
Cyborg Electronics Unit
Cyborg Close Combat Unit
Artificial Legs
Battle Armour
TB-1a Ionisation Blaster
Alpha Plus Charge
C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun
Golan Laser Battery
Anti-Air Battery
Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower
Civic Centre
KDY v-150 Planet Defender
LNR I Series Turbo Laser Cannon
LNR II Series Turbo Laser Cannon
Shield Generator
Training Academy
Shield Projector
Slave Market
SAM Launcher
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Computer Control Centre
Research Centre
Labour Camp
Alazhi Farm
Bacta Refinement Facility
Recycling Plant
Commerce Centre
Crew Quarters
Wildlife Preserve
Platform XQ1
Ataturk-class Station
Golan I
Golan II
Medical Factory Station
Trading I
Hospital Platform XQ-2
Merchant Space Dock
X7 Factory Station
Recycling I
Recycling II
Recycling III
Recycling IV
Depot Station II
Depot Station III
Depot Station IV
Trading II
Asteroid Hideout
Shipyard II
Shipyard III
Shipyard IV
Shipyard I
Relay Station
Zoo Station