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Year 12 Day 284 16:43

okay quick question what exactly do stocks do?
are they beneficial?

Year 12 Day 284 18:09

on a low level, they allow you to see how wealthy a faction is.

Also, stocks are indicating who owns which faction. If you own over 50% of the stocks of a faction, you are technically owning it, and the faction is considered as yours.

I tried to make it as short and clear as possible, feel free to enhance or correct me.

Year 12 Day 284 19:47
They are basically useless. 51% or more gives you ownership. You need 90% (or 95%, I cannot remember which) to be able to merge the faction. If you have one, you can view the leader, 2ic, number of members, who else owns stock etc, but not really anything worthwhile.


Year 12 Day 285 5:38

95% of the stocks are requested for merging, hence why Haor Chall Engineering didn't merged with Akheton, but was rather renamed: Akheton owns over 50% of the stocks, but a private investor owns the remaining 15%, so they can't merge.

And yes, stocks are rather useless. In some fairy tales people believe they will receive dividends, but it is not the way it works...

Year 12 Day 285 6:19
They only get a paltry amount when the faction does a "Wicked Witch of the West" impression (or was the East? the one that didn't have a house land on her while picking flowers)