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Archives » Fire Delay keeps resetting
Year 12 Day 303 4:14
My Fire Delay keeps resetting to 1 minute when I click to do anything. even when I'm on the forums it keeps resetting everytime I click on something...

I've had this before but when I left it for a few minutes it would work ok but today it keeps doing it, It's been doing it for near an hour now



Year 12 Day 303 4:54
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
I have similar problem with installing lock.

I think it might be connected to changing Galaxy map to new one.

Ellias said that Galaxy team was supposed to be doing it around D303 4h.

Year 12 Day 303 5:01
Thanks Bro, guess I'll not be killing any creatures today then...



Year 12 Day 303 5:43
Derrik Thynite
Derrik Thynite
Thats actually fairly standard with all timers, they do it quite a lot. Normally reset a maximum of 10 times for me, so just browse until it clears up. Although Eshi's suggestion is also possible, though no changes as of yet so far as i know.


Year 13 Day 43 5:07
This makes hunting difficult, you can see the creatures run away but you can't move.

Year 13 Day 43 6:07
Apparently you can start travel then fire and you will keep moving. Not sure if that has been fixed and a bug or what though. You can always hop in your ship and run after them.


Year 13 Day 44 14:57
I find that when hunting using non-projectile weapons, I have to wait until about 5 more minutes have elapsed, before the fire-dealy timer resets.

But being able to move and fire? That's an amazing bug undocumented feature!



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