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Way of the Mandalore

Type: Religion
Founded On: Year 22 Day 351
Leader: Cassidy Dragonblood
Recruitment Liaisons: Cassidy Dragonblood
Chat: Discord Invite
Forum: Faction Forum

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The Way of the Mandalore is the orthodox Mandalorian religion which was followed before the Mandalorian Wars. Since then, the religion has fallen out of mainstream practice and is followed by only some traditional sects of Mandalorian Culture.

Tenets of The Way

  1. A Mandalorian is to remain armed.
    • A Mandalorian must be armed so that they may defend themselves or others at any time.
    • A Mandalorian must, to the best of their individual ability, never be forcefully disarmed.
    • A Mandalorian may disarm in times when they are "at peace."
    • "At peace" is defined as those times when a Mandalorian is not in the presence of potential threats to himself, his clan, or his Tribe.
  2. A Mandalorian is to remain armoured.
    • A Mandalorian must wear his or her armour at all times, that way they are prepared to defend themselves at any time.
    • The Mandalorian must be at all times ready to defend innocent life with his armour.
    • A Mandalorian is not ashamed of The Way, therefore a symbol of The Way should be displayed in some way on armour.
  3. A Mandalorian’s weapons and armour must be treated with the same respect and honor that would be given to another Mandalorian.
    • The weapons, accessories, and armor of the Mandalorian have spirits that walk with them through life.
    • It is not enough to carry weapons and wear armor, the Mandalorian must maintain them and keep them in well working order. The act of cleaning and maintaining is an act of thanks and respect to the spirit of the article.
    • Likewise, donning and removing one's weapons and armor must be done with respect, giving thanks to the Manda for helping to protect oneself and others.
  4. A Mandalorian must never prey on or take advantage of the innocent, defenseless, the weak or the disadvantaged.
    • A Mandalorian must not initiate unjustified violence against those who are not deserving of it. A Mandalorian should only engage in violence when in defense of himself, his culture, innocents and the defenseless, or when in the performance of the duties on his profession.
    • Violence may be resorted to in order to restore the honor of himself or his clan when necessary, or when his or his clan's honor has been breached by another.
    • A Mandalorian may engage in violence to gain glory, but only if his adversary is a worthy opponent. There is no glory or honor in preying upon the weak.
  5. A Mandalorian must be prepared and willing to defend those who cannot defend themselves.
    • A Mandalorian must be willing, able, and prepared to be a protector of the weak, of those who cannot defend themselves, and of The Way.
    • A Mandalorian must be prepared to step forward and act when others will not, even going so far as to be willing to lose every drop of their own blood in the process.
    • This does not mean a Mandalorian is to resort to violence, except as a last resort.
  6. A Mandalorian must defend fellow Mandalorians and the greater Mandalorian culture at all costs.
    • A Mandalorian must be willing, able, and prepared to be a protector of the Way, of fellow Mandalorians, and of the entire culture.
    • A Mandalorian must put the lives, safety, and wellbeing of fellow Mandalorians above all else, even above his or her own life.
    • Mandalorians must not fight amongst themselves; The only ones who benefit from Mandalorian in-fighting are the enemies of the culture, enemies of The Way.
  7. A Mandalorian must, to the best of their individual ability, train both their bodies and their minds. 
    • A Mandalorian must train their body and their mind in a disciplined manner.
    • This is not limited to the ways of combat readiness, physical fitness, firearms and weapons knowledge but also includes training of the mind to keep it sharp and prepared.
    • A Mandalorian is born with their mind as their first weapon, and just like their other weapons they must also train in its practical use.
  8. A Mandalorian must not discriminate against another person based on anything but their actions.
    • Actions alone define an individual.
    • Those outside of The Way are to be treated fairly. Should their beliefs place them in direct opposition to The Way, they must still only be judged according to their actions.
    • All are equal under the helm.
  9. A Mandalorian should strive to be as self-sufficient as possible.
    • A Mandalorian must work toward self-reliance. This means they are to actively seek out ways to provide for themselves and their families as well as educating themselves in any other skills that remove their dependency on others.
    • There is no shame in taking aid when needed so long as one seeks to clear the debt when able, or to render aid to others.
    • A Mandalorian accepts neither credit nor blame for what they did or did not accomplish.
    • Anything offered as a gift should be accepted in the spirit in which it is given.
    • Although a Mandalorian should be capable of being self sufficient, one must seek to work with, to build, and to provide for their clan and tribe.
  10. A Mandalorian must, to the best of their individual ability, provide care and shelter to foundlings.
    • A Mandalorian must "set some aside for the foundlings". This means that a follower of The Way must actively donate time, credits, and/or resources that will aid the foundlings.
    • If a Mandalorian is blessed to be able to foster or even adopt a foundling then this is to be commended, but it is not a requirement.
    • A Mandalorian must not seek out praise or even recognition for the good that they do for the foundlings.
  11. A Mandalorian must not isolate himself, his Clan, or his Tribe from the greater culture.
    • Isolation breeds conflict within Mandalorian society which ultimately weakens the entire culture. One must never isolate his own or another Clan or Tribe from the greater culture.
    • A Mandalorian should be welcoming of other Mandalorians, Clans, and Tribes. Other Mandalorians should always be treated with respect and regarded as family.
    • Isolation of self, Clan, or Tribe is only justifiable under conditions wherein isolating is the only way to protect Mandalorian lives, society, and culture.
    • Mandalorians are everything with their culture and nothing without it; Mandalorians are strongest together.
  12. Wholly loyal their culture, tribe, and to The Way itself, a Mandalorian must become the living embodiment of The Way.
    • Walking the Way of the Mandalore is not something to be taken lightly. Walking The Way means being disciplined and completely committed to these tenets.
    • Loyalty to your Tribe means supporting and defending your Tribe when necessary, but it does not necessarily mean to condone every action by a fellow Mandalorian. Rather, it means that a Mandalorian should remain watchful of their fellows and help them remain true to The Way.
    • A Mandalorian must be willing to help guide others in The Way and, to the best of their ability, educate others in weapons, self-reliance, unarmed self-defense, and other matters crucial to the followers of The Way.
    • Should one seek to leave The Way they must feel free to do so without fear of retribution. Those who choose to leave The Way should set aside their arms and armour (it is better even to give them freely to a follower of The Way) and must not claim any association with The Way of the Mandalore.
    • Other Mandalorians must take no hostile action against those who choose to leave The Way. While those who leave may be referred to as an "apostate", their former brothers and sisters must never give them any reason to live in fear of their personal safety.
    • At all times, one must be a living example of The Way.


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Year 24 Day 302: Ka`rla Leakey, the leader of Way of the Mandalore was replaced today by Cassidy Dragonblood.