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Year 7 Day 62 13:14

I have tried twice to join SWC and have been rejected twice

1st attempt Snake Starlighter

2nd Attempt Maximus Blisken

I have no idea what the problem could be, both are perfectly good names.

How about John Smith?


-very frustrated

Year 7 Day 62 13:51
Revan Corrus
Revan Corrus
John Smith should work :). There's a name generator.

Year 7 Day 62 14:01

Let me ask you this? how is Maximus Blisken any different from Revan Corrus? Just does not make any sense. Takes the enjoyment out of the game when you can't even choose the name you want

Year 7 Day 62 14:13
It's entirely possible you were declined for a reason other than your handle, doublecheck the eMail rejection you got.


Year 7 Day 62 14:14

Nope, this was the reason, twice

Dear Maximus Blisken,

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

Your handle does not match out current rules requirements. It was turned down because of the presence of a restricted name or adjective, such as ‘Lord’, ‘Count’ or ‘Darth’, or an existing Star Wars character name was chosen such as ‘Luke Skywalker’ or ‘Han Solo’. Please refer to the Character Creation rules page located at http://rules.swcombine.com/character/charactercreation/ for more information.

Year 7 Day 63 8:36

I had tried signing up again and It now says that

Membership application failed !
The email address you submitted has already been registered previously.
Please go [back] to fix it up.

but I have yet to receive any password or approval.

Year 7 Day 63 9:21
Hmmm......is there anyone else using the same e-mail address as you that has already signed up?

Are you using a school/work e-mail network?



Year 7 Day 63 9:59
Revan Corrus
Revan Corrus
or try with retrieving forgotten/lost password. If your account has been accepted it should work. Otherwise I can't see why your mail could be taken.

Edited By: Revan Corrus on Year 7 Day 63 9:59
Year 7 Day 63 12:12

I am using a work account. When I type in my email address into the Lost password retrieval, it says that "Account not activated yet"

Is that a good sign? should I be expecting my password soon?

Year 7 Day 63 12:47

Thats it, I was denied for my 4th time. I am done, great website, great simulation. Complete waste of my time

Year 7 Day 63 14:45
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. =D


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