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Year 7 Day 70 7:21
Tam Dowmeia
Tam Dowmeia
I was killed after an arrest, but in the general events it seems that I can still start mining ... this should normally be impossible ... I'm dead you know ...

Year 7 Day 64, 12:29 You have been executed by xxxxxxxxxx
Year 7 Day 65, 14:31 You have started Mining on xxxxxxxxxx

Year 7 Day 71 9:12
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson
Rofl, that's awesome.

I don't think so much that in the case of mines, *you* are mining them. Rather, your account is still set to receive notices of that sort.

And I do believe it's going to stick around for the same reason that transfering 1 credit to a dead guy takes a cred away from your account.


I won't go down in ashes without one final cry
Year 7 Day 72 6:30
Pointed BK this way.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 72 16:37
Eric sending one Credit to a Dead guy was returning SQL errors anyway so they new they where dead :p so now it no longer says that its just grouped in with an error that may occur for a few other reasons.



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