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Jedi Order

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 8 Day 149
Leader: Thragg Craghorn
Second In Command: Carth Falte
Recruitment Liaisons: Carth Falte
Chat: Discord Invite
Forum: Faction Forum

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Join the Jedi Order

The Jedi stand as unified guardians of the Force and peacekeepers of the galaxy. It is the Jedi Order’s mission to keep balance in the force and help foster a galaxy where the ideals of peace and justice may flourish. We stand in unity; among the last beacons of hope in a sea of darkness.

As the privileged stewards of a small collection of systems, the Jedi Order is seeking sentients of all backgrounds, force sensitive or not, who have the drive to work together in support of a common goal to defend the galaxy from the tyrannical rot of the Sith, whose corruption festers within the galaxy, as well as the Empire and their Imperial Union.

While some of us are able to wield the Force, it is not the true strength of our power, nor is the lightsaber, or gigantic war fleets, we possess a truer power derived from the ability to work with millions of sentients towards our shared and common ideal of fostering peace and justice in a galaxy free from tyranny. Peacekeepers, diplomats, tacticians, civil planners, pilots and commanders all make up a backbone of heroes who stand with and for the Jedi’s ideals.

About the Jedi Order

Our Order had stood for over a thousand generations before the collapse of the Old Republic drove us to the brink. The Empire, with the help of the Sith, expanded rapidly in the wake of their treachery. The Jedi fled from the core and were scattered and went into hiding to recoup our losses. Gathering support in the Outer Rim, the Jedi Order looked to the past as it attempted to reform its future in an uncertain galaxy. At the conclusion of the New Sith Wars, nearly one-thousand years ago, the Jedi laid down our battle armor, disbanded our army, naval and starfighter forces, renounced military ranks and placed ourselves under the supervision of the republic and the Judicial department. We did this because we are not, nor wish to be, a conquering army. We did this because it was the right and just thing to do in service of our mission.

Those with mastery of the force can at times be gifted with great visions. These visions, the actions of the Imperial Union, and the state of the galaxy at large shows it is time for us once again to don our battle armor, raise our banners, and assemble armies and navies to fight back the incursion of the Sith and the members of the Imperial Union who’ve aligned themselves with the Sith and the Empire. To stop them and their quest to extinguish any who would dare oppose their authoritarian rule, guarding as a bulwark against oppression.

How to Join

Every member of the Jedi Order contributes equally to the peace and balance we seek for the galaxy. In a united effort between those already gifted in the use of the force and the burgeoning ranks of non-force sensitive individuals that create the strapping backbone of our Order; the Jedi Order could not function without the help, support, camaraderie and skill that every individual brings to the collective whole. Those that may be gifted with the force as they gain more training can already find an established home and join in the formal training of a Jedi Knight.

Interested applicants may submit a join request via darkness or reach out to one of our recruitment liaisons.


The Jedi Order does not currently provide a bevy of public services. However, we do offer the following services on a case by case basis.

  • Religious Facilities:
    • Management Fee: We ask persons seeking management of religious facilities to either keep all income or donate all income for ease of management.
    • Construction: We provide DC uses of religious facilities and needed permission, as we are able to provide for construction. We ask you to reimburse any costs incurred.
  • Force Testing:
    • We provide force testing free of cost for anyone that does not wish to follow the path to the Dark Side.
    • We disclose results honestly, regardless of positive or negative test
  • Force Training:
    • We provide in-depth force training to force-sensitive individuals who seek the path of the Jedi and are willing to swear to our Oath and enter the service of the Jedi Order.
      • We can offer in person darkness training for members to work alongside our masters
      • We can offer RP based (discussion of philosophy/teaching) to non members and limited in person training on a case by case basis
    • We host sharing and knowledge exchanges at the Jedi Temple, providing temporary quarters to instructors and students of other traditions.
  • Medation:
    • Middle Services: We endeavor to middle any trade, regardless of side, fairly and without theft. If we cannot, in good faith, conduct these trader services for an individual we will direct you towards services that can.
    • Diplomacy: Jedi offer their services as impartial, dispassioned mediators in a dispute if we feel we can assist. Any sentient may request these services and we can handle them on a case by case basis
    • Arbitration: Jedi offer their services to act as an impartial, dispassionate mediators between sides requiring mediation in large-scale trades/peace deals.


Faction Planetary Control Religion Government Datacards Diplomacy

Datacards Owned:
Ships Items Weapons Facilities Stations
Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
Corona-class Frigate
Vacuum Survival Helmet
Vacuum Survival Backpack
Crafting Kit
Battle Armour
Vacuum Survival Suit
C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun
Golan Laser Battery
Anti-Air Battery
Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower
Civic Centre
KDY v-150 Planet Defender
LNR I Series Turbo Laser Cannon
LNR II Series Turbo Laser Cannon
Shield Generator
Training Academy
Shield Projector
Slave Market
SAM Launcher
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Computer Control Centre
Research Centre
Labour Camp
Merchant Space Dock
Platform XQ1
Ataturk-class Station
Golan I
Golan II