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Year 14 Day 306 19:35
Which skill determines how much credits facilities make?

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Year 14 Day 306 20:54
Tabty Haasza
Tabty Haasza
The Diplomacy/Trading skill.


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Year 14 Day 307 7:24
Okay, I have a follow up question,

I recently bought a Casino. It's powered and everything. Yesterday I got facility incomes come in. My Casiono got a negative income of about 40,000 credits. I have 5 skill points in Trading/Diplomacy, so I am confused why this happened.

Did I just have bad business or something?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the lowest income before yesterday in the last 3 months was about 80,000 credits.

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Year 14 Day 307 7:41
Is it assigned to a trading faction, like the rule require?


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Year 14 Day 307 7:47
Casinos belong to the type of facilities that need a certain faction type as manager, in this case a Trading faction.

If it is opened to all and doesn't have a Trading faction as manager, it will make a loss.