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Year 14 Day 333 9:06
I'm new. I'm not sure how to start the game. Could anyone help me please?

Year 14 Day 333 9:55
Greetings to you,

Not sure what you mean by your question but will try to help.

If it starting the Game in general.

You have to wait for your handle to be approved (( usually done with in 24 hours ))

type that in to the start page along with your password and click the log in button.

Now if it is getting started in the Galaxy itself, you will find lots of information here:


But to help you a little further if that is the problem.

Ask yourself these questions.

1. What Does your character want to do, or has the skill set to do.

(( Transporter, merc. , soldier, trader, leader, prospector, builder, production...))

2. Do they want to join a faction or try to go freelance.

(( joining a faction has it benifits, constant paycheck, free use of faction ships things like this. Though Freelancing is possible it just takes more time, As your doing everything for yourself. ))

Beside those questions never be afraid to ask questions, either on Irc or by Dm people are always willing to help with information.

The most important thing is to have fun...don't get depressed or feel you will never reach your goal if you set it high at first. Or things are taking longer then you planned for.

That is part of the fun of building up your character to finally get them where you want them to be. Because your building not only your characters future but also a past and lots of friends along the way.

Hope this helps.

Galain Quin.

Year 14 Day 333 17:38
Best thing to do right at the start would be to join a faction. Typically they will lend you a ship to get around, give you help on how to play and do things and give you a steady income so you can buy your own things later.

If you join a faction and later find that it doesn't suit you etc, don't feel bad about leaving. However be polite and let them know why and don't steal their ships etc to do so. That causes bad blood.