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Year 15 Day 301 14:12
I am in a trading station and looked at the Market thing on the side. How do I buy a speeder and a Force Detector, ot what do I have to do for it?

Year 15 Day 301 15:04
Marketplace Rules

Those will tell you basically everything you need to know. Pay attention to the locations of things you're going to bid on, as the Market does not teleport things to your location. They stay where they are, and you may not be able to access their location.

You find the product you're interested in and set a bid in what is effectively a "Silent Auction" (unless the auction has ended without any bids, in which case you can buy the item outright). Once the auction ends, whoever bid the most has those credits withdrawn from their account (unless they do not have enough credits - then the next highest bidder wins) and ownership is madeover to them.

Year 15 Day 301 16:32
How to I register on Centrepoint when it does not allow new registration?

Year 15 Day 301 16:45
Send a dm to Togan Jano



Year 15 Day 302 6:23
It does allow new registrations, just follow the isntructions on the registration page.