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Ailon Nova Guard

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 20 Day 321
Leader: Mike Lackey
Recruitment Liaisons: Mike Lackey
Chat: Discord Invite

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Ailon Nova Guard (ANG) has a long and proud history in the galaxy tracing it's roots to Year 3 in the galactic conflict. It's rich history is one of the main drivig forces that shaped the galaxy to what it is today.  The Ailon culture can trace its roots back more than 13,000 years. With it comes a long tradition of military excellence, for it was first as soldiers that the people of Ailon made themselves famous throughout the Galaxy.  Ailon warriors trained religiously and considered it not just a job, but rather a way of life.  All members of Alion Nova Guard were required to prove themselves worthy in battle to represent the Guard by going through a rite of passage which they took one year into joining the Ailon military.  Prominent in both past and present forms of Ailon military training is unarmed combat, passed down from generation to generation.  There are two martial arts in particular which have been popular among Ailon’s warriors: Teras Kasi and the fighting techniques of the Echani.  Ailon soldiers were also highly regarded for the skill with non-projectile weapons. Popular among ancient Ailon military personnel was the Eklot, a short sword treated with a quick-working neuro toxin.  Of course, as time went by and technology advanced, the members of Ailon Nova Guard were forced to adapt to more advanced blaster technology.  None the less, the ancient military traditions remain strong, now more than ever.  Draith Shadux. Seige Delarouge and Izen Ru, brought Ailon Nova Guard back to prominence in recent history.   With roots so strong, and the climate of the Galaxy so favorable, it would not be long before the Guard grew, and indeed flourished. Draith and his companions needed a capital in order to create Ailon Nova Guard, but in the years that had passed Draith had been able to obtain three factions:  The ship production company TransGalMeg, NovaTech Mining, and the droid manufacturing company Baktoid Combat Automata.  Draith, who had eventually come to take charge of rebuilding of Ailon Nova Guard, decided to sell Baktoid Combat Automata.  This gave him the necessary resources for the creation of Ailon Nova Guard as a security group.  Finally, the Guard once again existed as an organization independent from the control of other governments.  But Draith was not content to have Ailon exist as a mere security force.  He later sold NovaTech Mining so he would have enough resources to make Ailon Nova Guard a government.  This gave Ailon Nova Guard a good foothold in the Bormea sector, and soon the population began to rise as the sentients there prospered. The foundation had been laid, but the effort of reviving a culture left Draith exhausted.  He retired from his governing duties, passing the responsibility of tending to the growth of Ailon Nova Guard to Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl.  Draith had focused primarily on the old Ailon Nova Guard tradition of military excellence.  While this certainly gave the members of Ailon a strong sense of self, it also made the economy nearly unsustainable.  Therefore the first change Teyacapan made was to focus more on the economy and less on the old traditions.  Soon the economy was flourishing, and the Bormea Sector and its inhabitants were enjoying the newly made wealth. The growth of Ailon continued, at rigorous pace.  At that time Ailon Nova Guard was rather neutral in the conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Alliance however, seeing ANG as a growing power, the Galactic Alliance offered to allow Ailon Nova Guard into its ranks.  The offer worked out for both sides, for the Galactic Alliance gained a powerful economic and military force among its allies, and Ailon Nova Guard was able to expand its military with the alliance’s assistance, most importantly, by gaining access to the powerful Mon Calamari warships.  Ailon Nova Guard now ranked as one of the most powerful, rich, and populous governments in the Galaxy.  The economy and manufacturing capacities were expanding exponentially yet certain individuals felt that not all was as it should be.   It was at this time that Ailon Nova Guard’s leader Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl did something which took many of the Galaxy’s sentients by complete surprise: she sold the government, including the still present TransGalMeg Industries, to the Galactic Empire.  Members of the Galactic Alliance were irate and considered the move a stab in the back: not only had they lost an ally, but their sworn enemy had gained control of all of said ally’s territory.  Of course, the people of the Galactic Empire were overjoyed. The Galactic Empire claimed that there were celebrations on the streets of Chandrila, the former capitol of the Guard.  The Galactic Alliance claimed that the Empire was subjugating former citizens of Ailon Nova Guard to a tyrannical and oppressive rule.  Any and all fixed assets were sold.  Anything that could not be picked up and carried was gone.  Anything that had to be defended, or that could otherwise be a liability in the foreseeable future, was gone.  All that remained was an armada of ships, weapons, equipment, droids, and a confused Ailon citizenry.  In the midst of much criticism, speculation, and propaganda Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl explained her reasoning to the people of Ailon saying she sought a return to the traditional culture of military excellence that had once earned Ailon Nova Guard galactic renown.  Seen from this perspective, it would appear that in the process of growing to new and immense heights, Ailon had forgotten its roots. Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl left in her Super Star Destroyer which she acquired in the deal with the Galactic Empire and began a reclusive life rarely to be seen in public again.  Xavier Bourdain took charge and led ANG into uncharted areas of deep space where he is credited with discovering seven planets in less than a year.  During the rest of his rule Ailon Nova Guard spent most of its time colonizing these planets. Abruptly Xavier Bourdain was replaced by Lorenzas Atticus whose early years were marked by considerable growth in Ailon's Grand Armada which tripled in size in just two years.  Once the fleet had become the largest non-governement fleet in the galaxy Lorenzas Atticus sold several planets and consolidated resources in a move that would give Ailon Nova Guard the freedom and flexibility necessary to become the most lethal mercenary organization in the Galaxy.   Rest assured that if war should break out Ailon Nova Guard will have a say in who wins it.


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