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Year 16 Day 12 19:14
I recall that there were some questions about this awhile back, but the post seems to have expired or been purged or something.

Anyway, I was just curious how the projectile weapon stats were decided upon? It's a little odd seeing the ELG-3a and the DDC Defender as or more powerful than the DL-44 or the DT-12.

I apologize for asking a question that I'm sure you are tired of answering. Also, not really looking for any change, just curious.


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Year 16 Day 13 5:50
Stats were more or less randomly made up back in the day, with guns being arbitrarily placed in orders of magnitude. The admins likely felt that the hierarchy should remain to placate all the early weapon buyers while still balancing them as needed.

So in our galaxy the ELG is one of the best guns; at least now with legends we can be different more easily.

Year 16 Day 13 6:40
Huh. Interesting. I was always curious about that.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who carries around a weapon for its RP looks and another in a backpack for fighting.


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Year 16 Day 14 1:22
Well, a lot of people use customs for looks these days!



Year 16 Day 14 4:40
A lot of the blasters from the original blasters were made out of real WWII era guns. So they seemed kinda like a natural fit to this whole film noir thing that I've got going.


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