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Archives » Application refused because of multi suspicion?

Hi all,

I applied to this game for the first time, and my application was rejected on gorunds of 'suspicious factors', apparently someone else uses this IP too.

I dont know how thats possible, as no-one else uses my PC but me. Is it not possible that you are perceiving my entire ISP as one user? I know they have some kind of caching system to cut-down on international line costs (I am in South Africa, have a DSL account with government owned telco, not much choice available here).

I know they use dynamicaly assigned IPs, and the connections are reset once per 24 hrs, so it is impossible to have a static IP. Is there any way that I can still get to play, or is there some advice you could give me on where to go from here?

applied for handle: Mykle Janus
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
ISP: Telkom ADSL
email: mjanuary@telkomsa.net

The dynamic IPs could be posing a problem, although it's unlikely every single user is being perceived as the same person. Mostly likely a few IP addresses are just being reassigned among various users and that's triggering SWC's multi identification.

Just try to register again and post here when you have done so - hopefully one of us can approve your account before someone who hasn't spotted this thread declines it.




aaaatrgghhhh .... now the join page seems to be unavailable. This game doesn't want me :(

Ill try again tomorrow :D