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Year 16 Day 130 16:54
Is this site open to suggestions? I've been told otherwise and many have complained about stiff rules.

Year 16 Day 130 16:59
I agree this site has stiff rules and is inflexible

Year 16 Day 130 17:09
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
You can make suggestions all you want but you also have to realize that it is the game designers that make the decisions on the direction of the game and your suggestion is just that a suggestion.

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Year 16 Day 130 17:13
No need to make a post then 4 minutes later agree with yourself.

Yes, we're open to suggestions. After you serve your 3 week multi account ban you're free to add yours to the Suggestions Forum.


Year 16 Day 130 17:58
You can stop trying to add a third illegal account to the mix while you're at it. It won't be approved.

Year 16 Day 130 19:56
You know, I wonder what percentage of features/fixes/updates/content have been suggestions to this game, and how much has been developer driven.
Is there any quick way to ballpark how many suggestions/fixes/features have been user submitted and approved total?

Year 16 Day 130 23:54
An overwhelming majority of the major features and their implementation is developer-driven with little or no player input until testing. This is because each lead developer over the years has had a specific vision and sense of game balance they aimed to achieve, and player input didn't determine the core of those features, only the user interface and similar player-side concerns. Most of that development takes place privately and is worked out between the developers, so numbers for anything can't be determined. And it would be impossible to quantify anything, anyway, because you could split up features in an infinite number of ways. You could consider "ground combat" a single feature, or you could consider components of it such as "firing on enemies" and "weapon stats," or even components of components like the equations themselves and HP/armour tweaks etc.

For website changes and minor feature modifications, the number of player-driven suggestions and amount of player input is considerably higher, though. Little things tend to be heavily player-driven because some devs aren't players at all and those who are don't use all of the features as much as some of the players, so player input is great for changes that make the features more user friendly and other quality-of-life improvements (the QA team consists of players and makes a lot of suggestions for user friendliness along the way--repair is a great example of a feature that evolved dramatically from its initial inception through such feedback). But suggestions of that sort are usually the threads that get posted (and not locked) in the Suggestions forums, so most of the approved suggestions fall into that category.

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Year 16 Day 131 6:38
My rules are fair but unyielding.

Year 16 Day 132 16:45
Thank you for answering my question! And I'll pass on the suggestions then....