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Year 17 Day 61 12:01
I am looking for the rules on Escape Pods, but I can't locate them. If they exist, would someone point me in their direction?

If not, could someone answer the following questions?
  1. 1. Are they implemented/can I currently use them? (I know they were active years ago, but I haven't heard anything about them recently.)

If the answer to the first question is yes, then I also have the following questions:
  1. 2. How are they replaced? Do you produce a new pod and "install" it somehow? Is this related to entity repair?
    3. If I activate an escape pod, can I pilot it? Or does it simply automatically go to the nearest planet and land somewhere random?
    4. What is the passenger capacity? If I have a party with me and I use an escape pod, do they come with or are they SOL?
    5. Are
these the entity that is created when I launch an escape pod from my ship, or is it something different? (I see that this page says that they're cargo containers.)

Thank you for any assistance!

Year 17 Day 61 12:10
Tal Dorn
Tal Dorn
Take it with a grain of salt - I do not think the repair system yet allows for the escape pod to be re-installed.

Once jettisoned from a ship, the pod can be tractored and or has limited flight itself and can dock within another entity - I think. A lot of people use them for storage depots.

"5. Are these the entity that is created when I launch an escape pod from my ship, or is it something different? (I see that this page says that they're cargo containers.)" - Yes EDIT: Yes that is the entity when jettisoned from a ship.And also is a producible entity through a manufacturing type faction
9/ Escape Pods

Escape Pods allow crew members of a ship (or space station) to abandon the ship (or space station) in the event that it comes into harm. Escape Pods can then be piloted towards a planet of the pilots choice. However, once the Escape Pod starts to land, it can no longer take off, meaning you cannot move in the atmosphere layer (except descend to the ground) or the ground layer. Accessing pods is only possible when either of the following conditions are met:

Either the Pilot or Commander allows it from the cockpit. (In the Actions section)
The Ship or Space Station has been reduced to 50% of either its Ionic or Hull statistic.

Additionally, you must be in either the cockpit or entrance room in order to launch an escape pod.

A ship or space station, when constructed, comes with a fully loaded escape pod bay

Escape Pods can be re-added to the ship or space station through the use of the repair feature.

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Year 17 Day 61 14:48
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
only 2 people can be in an EP. Yes you can pilot them but they have to hyper drive so they function like any other ship with out a hyper drive. as of yet once an EP is launched it is launched and you can only dock them in a docking bay at that point.



Year 17 Day 61 23:08
Ah, they're in the movement page; I didn't think to look there! Thanks, guys!

But... 2 passenger limit? There will be lots of people going down with many ships :o

Year 17 Day 62 2:24
A while back when the escape pod launch feature was added there was musing by the devs that your entire party would be put into the escape pod (that might have actually been coded) regardless of the actual passenger cap. After launch they would fly away from the ship/station. If there was a planet in the system it would fly then and 'land' whereupon the escape pod would be turned into a wreck and the passengers kicked out.

As mentioned above you used to need repair to restore an escape pod to a ship, but some people have claimed that that is not working at the moment.