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Year 17 Day 186 5:23

Year 17 Day 185, 22:00 The wages for 1,851 of your workers totalled 5,757,160 Credits for this month. A breakdown is as follows: -nope.....

banking view:

Year 17 Day 185
22:00 Payment Office 300,540 NPC Wages Automatic payment of NPC Wages for the previous month for 107 NPCs.

that's personal, still has 'wage owed' though on most, not all. And filter by wage shows no options, however, in my banking view, only 300k was taken out

the # don't line up for cost, nor how many NPCs I have, I have a little over 1900, with only 20 some custom/not paid.

Now, for Faction:

Year 17 Day 185, 22:00 The Bad Asses has sent 36,400,480 credits to the Payment Office with the following message:
Automatic payment of NPC Wages for the previous month for 10,650 NPCs.

Year 17 Day 185, 22:00 Payment Office
Automatic payment of NPC Wages for the previous month for 10,650 NPCs. 36,400,480

but, we have waaaaaay more than 10k NPCs. But the credits line up. By my calculations, we would owe, if it worked, around 70 mil.

hope this helps. We are pruning.....

Edited By: Zao Nephalem on Year 17 Day 186 5:25


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Year 17 Day 186 8:58
Ben Camden
Ben Camden
I'm guessing here, but:
Those who had credits deducted had some NPCs that already had a "wage owed" from once upon a time...
They were then subtracted the wages owed from back then. Wages being paid at the end of the month, and not beginning?


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Year 17 Day 186 15:12
So, are NPC wages really back or was this some kind of bug?

As far as I can tell, it looks like a whole cluster of bugs really. For me, there was an inventory event, but this only covered a seemingly random collection of NPCs. None of which matters, because, as far as I can tell, nothing was actually deducted.

Honestly, it doesn't really feel intentional. More like some half completed bit of code was accidentally switched on.


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Year 17 Day 186 17:22
Nobody knoOoOoOoOoOoOoOows.

Seriously, the exact cause is still being looked into. I'm sure there will be a sim news when everything is known, as this was unintended at this time.

Year 17 Day 186 21:44
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko

Year 17 Day 185, 22:00 The wages for 272 of your workers totalled 879,310 Credits for this month. A breakdown is as follows: - 3,500 for 1 Melee Combat Trooper(s) - 4,140 for 1 Heavy Weapons Specialist(s) - 22,720 for 6 Stormtrooper(s) - 310,240 for 99 Rifleman(s) - 41,800 for 11 Medic(s) - 47,000 for 14 Dirt Hauler(s) - 411,000 for 121 Builder(s) - 21,150 for 13 Expert Boxstacker(s) - 13,920 for 5 Scout(s) - 3,840 for 1 Slicer(s)

But actually nothing was taken out of my account.


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Year 17 Day 186 21:47
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
I paid it anyways, I do not want them trying to kill me or anything (A joke from last night on IRC).


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