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Year 17 Day 338 5:01
Hello everyone,

I had a question about my current character sheet and how I have it set up.

When I first joined the combine I placed my skills into various fields I thought would be useful for my character. However, as I continue to play I've come to realize that those skills do me no good for the typical assignments I take for my faction. I don't necessarily want to drop my character and restart and considering how slow it takes to gain new skill points, I was curious if there was a way to get a reset? Could I potentially buy it with CP points? Thank you for the advice or suggestions.

Year 17 Day 338 5:12
You can only get a skill reset before you hit level 3. I also believe there are a few other stipulations to that such as it can only be on your first spawn and whatnot, but I'm not 100% certain about that.

One option you do have is cybernetics. They'll lower 1 skill while adding points to another. You can find a list of cybernetics and their skill changes by clicking here.

Edited By: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 17 Day 338 5:15
Year 17 Day 338 6:25
New Player Skill Reset Conditions:
1) Your character must be level 2 or 1;
2) Your account must not have previous handles (IE: Must be your first character); and
3) You must not have gotten a New Player Skill Reset before (manually or otherwise).

There is an automatic tool available on your Character Administration Page, if you are eligible.

Other than the Cybernetics that Ulrike mentioned, you may switch to a new race when one is discovered. The switch changes your race permanently to that new race and refunds your skill points.

It is unlikely for SWCombine to offer anything so advantageous as a skill reset through the CP Exchange system.

Year 18 Day 2 21:11
I believe Kay is correct: allowing a skill reset purchased via CPs means people could simply buy their way to a new character whenever they wanted. That doesn't appear at all likely.

You'll see a lot of people jumping to new races as they're discovered, partially due to their desire to restructure their skills to benefit some new role.

Keep in mind, though, that new races are getting harder and harder to find. I should know: I've been on a search for one particular race across three sectors and still haven't found their homeworld. And if you do plan to switch when a new race is discovered, you'll only have 2 weeks to do so, before that race is locked.


They'll lower 1 skill while adding points to another.

- Ulrike

Some cybernetics, like the Ranged Combat Implant, lower two skills by 1 point each; in the case of the RCI, two R&D skills. It's still a great bargain, though, to raise a level 3 skill to level 5, an improvement equal to 7 level points.