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Archives » Finding New Deposit Probability
Need some de-obfustication if possible pls.

Lvl3 Character with Comp Op lvl 3, faction requested I prospect. They also provided the advice, keep trying and you will eventually find something, even with low Comp Op.

Is the chance of 'finding something' formula in the guide correct?

Chance of finding = ( 1 + Total Sensors(Comp Op÷(30+0.05)) ) × Terrain Prob

As the formula doesn't seem to include any dice roll calculation. The calculation will return the same result, for the same Comp Op value, every time.

This would mean that a failure to find anything at the end of the first prospecting cycle will mean that you will always fail to find something and repeating the action is a waste of time.

Yes, that is true. It is a threshold test. So the best chance is with max prospecting sensors + CompOps 5.

Year 18 Day 43 10:10
Thank you. Is it also correct that a failure to find anything on the first prospecting cycle, means more prospecting cycles in the same location are a waste of time unless my Comp Op level increases.

Year 18 Day 43 13:04
Yes. Re-prospecting with the same numbers will repeatedly yield the same results.

Thank you, saves me a lot of wasted time