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Year 18 Day 253 15:09
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
Is the monastery achievement working yet?

Year 18 Day 254 8:53
Yes, in the sense that the quest works, you'll get a brain jar, and your Journal will show a completed quest.

No, in the sense that we haven't linked it to ticking off the existing legacy achievement - eventually the achievements will be moved over into the Journal system anyway and those little badges won't exist. You'd still get XP, but it'd all be tracked in the Journal.

Year 18 Day 254 13:27
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
Ah okay, last time I tried a few months ago it was bugged or something.

Will the achievements you have already obtained be transferred to the new journal?

Year 18 Day 254 13:34
Can cofirm on eeceipt of jar; Kay and i messed around with it until it worked, so i have the mythical brain jar

Year 18 Day 255 6:16
Yeah there was a GC trip to Tatooine not too long ago - earlier this year which was successful. There are the occasional breakages of SWC-LISP which will, of course, break that quest.

AFAIK yeah, the intention is to pull over existing achievements so you don't re-do them, but that'll likely need to be a one-time "Job"

Year 18 Day 255 6:47
Jic Uiji
Jic Uiji
Got my brain jar around a month or two ago, worked fine.


Jic Uiji

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Year 18 Day 256 6:53
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Is Tatooine still shielded?

Year 18 Day 256 10:21
Yes, as far as I know it's still shielded by the NR, but you can get there with a NPC Transport, CP-spawn a ship, etc.