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Archives » Known issue: Faction filtering by tag does not work
Unable to filter by tags in faction inventory.

Tracked here http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=4639

No known workaround yet.


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TF has adopted an infofield and naming system to help us not use the tag system at all since it has always had issues. I am unaware the specifics of what is wrong with it currently but just giving info on what we did some time ago to get rid of tags completely.

The old issue was that it wasn't restricting its search properly, so for example if you had a Vehicle with the tag "Thing 1" and were searching Ships for the "Thing 1" tag, it would find that vehicle's ID and return a ship with the same ID, although that ship didn't actually carry the "Thing 1" tag.

In huge faction inventories this became a problem because having ships/vehicles with the same ID number was fairly common.

Resolved now.