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Archives » Scientific Datapad - Top Sekrit
Year 19 Day 78 22:00
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
Just curious if updated adventures will be upload edible to these gizmos.

Sure, why not.

What is "upload edible"?

Year 19 Day 79 17:12
I'm assuming they mean uploadable, but I might be wrong.

Year 19 Day 79 19:35
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
oops sorry Kay, Ulrike, must of been hungry when I wrote the query.
Do you think they may/possibly could, hold a certain usable value concerning continuation of the quests they were designed for.?.
Or will they just become an Easter egg (been there, done that) trophy?

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 19 Day 79 19:41
uploadable still doesn't make sense to me, but that clarification does, Thanks.

Scripted items are a useful tool to get information to participants or permit them to interact with all the 'invisible' aspects of the questline, so I don't see it being tossed by the wayside.

They would not be a major advantage over people who joined in at a later time though.

Year 19 Day 80 17:03
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
Of course not but perhaps an incentive.
Thank you Kay.
If this spark should spread into another adventure it could do a world of good right about now. imho..