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Archives » New Faction Type, How To Create?
Year 19 Day 133 11:29
While I am not wealthy enough currently to create my own faction, I am currently working toward that goal, and part of the planning is knowing what Faction category I will be under. My goal is to operate what is essentially Imperiel Intelligence or the New Republic Intelligence, but on an independent and singular scale. Would this faction type be considered Information or Trading?

Year 19 Day 133 15:01
SOunds closer to info factions.

It would be Information IMO, yes.

The other consideration with respect to your particular goal is that Intelligence Agencies - even Private Investigator scale IAs - don't really have a need for a Faction Shell. Keep in mind that the realities of maintaining a Faction will be not only the initial credit investment, but the ongoing and persistent presence of at least 5 members, which said 5 members can't be doing any infiltration or first-hand intelligence gathering through other factions. That's, if nothing else, Sitter salary for 4 other people just to keep the faction from folding.

You may want to save your money for paying your informants and remain a shadowy NFG/business rather than starting a faction. There are ways to ICly launder money, etc.

Year 19 Day 134 22:43
A group like this is probably better to run outside of its own faction, actually, since you could simply have your members stationed within factions of your choosing to gather information for you. I actually do think there's a pretty good niche in SWC for intel dissemination if you have enough of it that's of interest to people, and as Kay points out, operational expenses and efforts of running an actual faction would only unnecessarily limit you. All you've really got to do is advertise as an NFG and make a name for yourself (okay, that second one's the hard part, but you can still use the Positions Vacant forum for the first).