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Year 20 Day 213 7:34
I'd always been under the impression that our Galaxy was fully populated with Sectors, which just need discovering. Recently it has been suggested that some areas aren't. Could you please clarify which is true.

Year 20 Day 213 15:53
Saba Ku
Saba Ku
There is a number between 0 and 1,000,000 hidden systems out there for you to find.

That sounds snarky, it wasn't meant to be, but the fact is they're not going to tell you how many.

Edited By: Saba Ku on Year 20 Day 213 15:53
Year 20 Day 213 17:16
The sectors all display on the galaxy map. They don't get discovered. Systems within sectors can get discovered if a hidden one happens to be located in that sector. Not all sectors contain systems, hidden or otherwise. New hidden systems continue to be added as Arjuna sees fit.

Year 20 Day 213 18:01
Thank you for the correction and the insight Syn.

And Saba, you sounded just fine.