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Archives » Problem: paid e-mail not accepted

I'm sure this is not a unique problem, but since the response e-mail said to post here, I'll follow directions:

I use a paid web-based shell e-mail account thru mailshell.com. It definitely is not a free service, as I pay $45/year for it, and its exclusive, because they now don't even allow new members to sign up. I've used the account for years and its very effective at killing /all/ spam that tries to get to me.

I have exactly 1 account. I have to be clear on that. However, I can create infinite e-mail addresses, so that -on the fly- I can assign one specific shell address to any website/business/contact I want and then blacklist that same address if spam ever comes in from it. I can give out the 'mother' address, but never will, because if spam comes in on that one, I can't blacklist the whole account.

Now...I /could/ create an admin@ address for my account, but I thought that would be dis-honest to the intent of the signup rules here, as it is not its own seperate account, but merely a shell to its own account.

So, any admins who see the issue here, I'm asking for your help. I don't use my ISP's e-mail servers, as I don't ever use outlook (at home) nor my professional .mil account for anything but work. I understand the desire to keep multiple registrants from screwing up the game (very admirable), but for very similar reasons, I won't give out my /mother/ address for direct access to my paid e-mail service, especially to a web-based game that I have no history with (my own family doesn't have my 'mother' address).

If a work around can be made so I can use my swcombine.com@ address, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll respect the decision to not allow me to join.

Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson
The ISP email is used precisely once, to send you your password. After that you may change it.

We do not spam new members. (Unless they really, really want us to.)


If all the e-mail accounts you can create use the same address after the @, then by creating an admin@ account you'll be doing the exact same thing as anyone who owns a domain and has done so to join. It will be a unique account to prove you own it and pay for it, and you can't create multiple admin@ accounts with different domain addresses to do multi-accounts.

Admin@ is a valid way of proving you own it and pay for it, and therefore a valid account to create in order to sign up for SWC. It wouldn't be dishonest to the rules, but rather perfectly in keeping with them (IMO).

Once you have received the password, you can change your preferred email address to swcombine.com@, and everyone will be happy.


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