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Year 7 Day 209 22:14

Hey I just joined, but I have yet to create a character. I was just wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to help get me started and I guess I need a faction also.

Year 7 Day 210 1:21
Make sure and thoroughly read the Character Creation rules a couple of times, so you know what does what, and then keep in mind what you ultimately want your character to do. It's your character, and nobody can tell you how to play it. The Combine is a game in development, so there is some temptation to spend points on skills you can use now, but this is a bad idea. Hoping you have enough points later from levelling up will only lead to disappointment, and can cripple you when the feature you've been waiting for finally gets put in.

In terms of factions, you again need to think of what you want to do - mining, R&D, military service, bounty hunting, etc - and then look through the faction list (also available from the Rules page) for one that will allow you to do that and that you like the look of. Remember that if you change your mind, you can change factions later. You can also go to the RPG Centre forum and look through the Positions Vacant posts.

Usually it's a good idea not to pick a starting location before you pick your faction, because that way you can start at their HQ and most factions have more resources there to get you on your way.

Welcome to the Combine, and good luck.

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Year 7 Day 211 13:33
Adam Foxx
Adam Foxx
Putting a "1" in all of the blanks is a bad idea. It means you aren't good at anything.

It's a good idea to get mIRC, a chat program that you can use to talk to your faction members. Check http://www.swcombine.com/guide/index.php?page=4 for more information on IRC.