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Year 23 Day 276 12:07
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
The space bandit rules specify that:

Bandits will ignore non-combat ships 

They do not specify what exactly is a non-combat ship. Is a non-combat ship a ship with combat type none, ie is a satellite, escape pod, or a space lane diner, or, does an (un)armed auxilliary class also count?

I guess the purpose of my question is basically asking will npc bandits attack the Y-8 miner ships?

Year 23 Day 276 12:29
According to Falcon's comments in this thread Y8 Minng Vessels and other freighters are now susceptible to bandit attacks.

The remaining non-combat ships (ships for which combat has not yet been enabled) are frigates, capital ships, and super capital ships.


Year 23 Day 276 13:04
Combat enabled ships can be found on the Space Combat Rules page :)


Year 23 Day 276 19:09
As others have said here, the rules page linked in Eli's post lists the combat-enabled ship types. Currently disabled are Frigates, Capital Ships and Super Capital ships. In addition, Space Stations and Vehicles are not combat-enabled.

In short, anything with an armour stat either IS or WILL BE SHORTLY enabled for combat(with a few exceptions like the Venator). Anything without an armour stat is not enabled for combat.


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