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Year 7 Day 210 23:39
Logan Price
Logan Price
This problem is with a person who is trying to ruin the game for me and my friends. Please help if you can, but if you don't that's okay. A person I know really hates this game, however has decided to join it. He is doing this because he wants to find me and my friends in the game, kill us, and "prove" that this is a bad game. I don't know his character name, but i do know he is a jawa, and has joined the bounty hunters guild. He is also obssessed with becoming a "sith jawa".

I would preferably like him banned, but you probley wouldn't do that on my word. It would be good if you could find his name, or tell me how to find out his name. That would allow me and my friends to at least have a warning if he tries to mess up things.

I don't know if you can help, but please try.

Year 7 Day 211 4:02
You could try contacting the leader of the faction in question and letting him/her know what is going on. That would ensure that no bounty is placed on you for such a reason, and this person would have no way to hurt you in game. (:

Even if you do not - chances are extremely slim that anything like this would happen. Bounties are rarely placed on random people, and I doubt anyone significant has a grudge against you at this time. Since A/E is the only way a character can die, you merely need to stay on board your own ship or the ship of a faction you trust, and don't give out your location.

It is very doubtful this person has enough money or influence to do anything to hurt you. However, unless he specifically does something in-game to harass you, there will likely be nothing that can be done about it OOC.

Year 7 Day 211 9:14
I know the person in charge of the BHG, and consider him to be one of the smarter and generally more sensible people around here. I somewhat doubt he would be giving the privileges to issue warrants to some random newbie Jawa, but if you contact him to make him aware of this (as Syn mentioned) that should make sure you're safe.

Also, if you read the rules (and if this person has) then you (and they) should be aware that it's generally hard to kill anyone. If you know he's a Jawa, then simply don't hang around where a random Jawa can get to you. If you see one about, leg it.

Knowing the rules is the first step to being safe in any case involving OOF AE.


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Year 7 Day 211 22:40
Logan Price
Logan Price
Okay, thanks.