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Year 7 Day 214 0:03
What exactly do production factions do since a lot of features that are prudent to them are not currently implemented? Also, what are some examples of fatures important to production factions that are currently implemented now? I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, I would just like to know.


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 7 Day 214 0:07
You're worried about Production factions? Production is something like a few months away. If you're worried about someone, get concerned for the Paramilitary groups that are waiting on combat!!

But seriously, any faction without its primary function can do what every faction has had to do for a long time if they wanted to survive - make up things to do and make preparations for when they CAN do what they're designed to do.

There are those that have been doing it for years. A few months is nothing, in comparison.


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Year 7 Day 214 0:52
You have a point I suppose, but what kinds of features that are important to production factions are currently implemented?


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 7 Day 214 2:19
construction is pretty important for them
Mining is pretty important for them.