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Year 24 Day 168 8:52
With items you can sell to a shop or unclaim and leave them on the ground. Is there a system in place that allows the same with ships and vehicles? I have a ship I no longer need and I only have the option to makeover to someone else. Or is there a faction/individual that unwanted ships/vehicles can be sent to in order to get it out of the inventory.

Year 24 Day 168 9:20
Leland Thakkun
Leland Thakkun
You can send it to me and I will take good care of it for you.

Other than that, unless the ship can land and be placed on the NPC Market .. your only option that I know of is to recycle it.

(but I may be wrong, I am just a lowly bounty hunter .. what do I know)

Edit: it also appears that if the ship(s) cannot land on the planet, you will need to be at a spaceborne trade station that is owned by a trade faction so as to offer the ship up to the NPC Market.

Edited By: Leland Thakkun on Year 24 Day 168 9:25

aliit tracyn'uliik
Master Bounty Hunter

mircir de dalad'a, kyr'amur de vagalagr
Year 24 Day 177 10:03
I will also happily accept your unwanted ships!,



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Year 24 Day 181 9:28
There are also a few options, such as placing an ad in the Commerce Forums or using an external market site such as CentrePoint Marketplace or the Trade Federation Marketplace.

Additionally, if you're on discord, you can come to the SWC Discord and post an ad in #trade-chat


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