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Year 7 Day 278 21:00
Hi all,

I recently purchased my first facility, a skyscraper 60 flats. It is powered and I am both the manager and operator.

My question is when does the facility earn income? Is it the beginning or end of each month? Is it based on real life calendar or that of the game?

Why hasn't my facility generated income if income has already been calculated for this month?

Thanks to any answers for this noob real estate owner.

Sheng-ji Yang

Year 7 Day 278 23:12
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Facility income was paid on day 273, which was the first of the month, for me. (might still be the 31st for people living around the US)

The real life calendar and the game calendar are the same, month-wise.

Perhaps your facility isn't set 'open to all'?

Year 7 Day 279 6:18
No I made sure that the facility was set to open to all the day I bought it.

Year 7 Day 279 10:08
Hey Yang. Long time no see. When did you purchase it? If it was Sept. 1st or after, the previous owner received the income. You will have to wait untill Oct. 1st to get income for it. Hope that helps.



Year 7 Day 279 14:19
Hi Jensen! How are you?

Yeah I purchased it in the second half of last month. Silly me, I should have realized that I need to be the owner for a full month. At least that is logically how it works in RL!!

Thanks for pointing that out to me ;)

Year 7 Day 279 16:04
Not a full month, just until the next income day.



Year 7 Day 279 19:31
Sheng, check your inventory events or credit transaction sheet. Your facility made 10,376 credits this month.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 280 5:33
How embarassing :)

I was expecting to see a blinking icon informing me of an inventory change and when I didn't I didn't think to check the transaction sheet. Thank you sir for showing me the way!

Edited By: Sheng-ji Yang on Year 7 Day 280 5:34
Year 7 Day 280 19:52
The inventory notifier shouldn've blinked at the time, there was a problem with some of the incomes this month, so that may be why it didn't.

No worries :)


Kids these days!