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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Posted by: Jorus Serto, Veritas Press
Date: Year 14 Day 84 Onboard the C-3 Passenger Liner [VEC] DS Legacy in system Draboon (149, 210).

Veritas News Inc. -- Derra, Kira CW


As battles continue to rage on the surface of Derra IV, several organizations have taken it upon themselves in attempting to pacify the planet - some more successfully than others. Though there are concerns such actions could be, at least partially, caused by the Great Animosity Plague, (known more commonly as the Derra Virus) those responsible for this vigilantism maintain they act with the interests of Derra`s citizens firmly in mind, and accusations of infection - in most cases - are yet to be proven. Veritas Press recently investigated issues surrounding a high-profile example of law enforcement on Derra IV.


First Sun, a group led by Colonel Ettrick Antalaha, recently declared martial law on Derra. After landing on the planet last month, the First Sun Mobile Regiment (comprising of several hundred combat personnel) quickly moved to seize Derra`s main transportation hub; one of the few cities on the world. Following this, First Sun operatives began to run regular patrols around the city and soon announced all armed entities within their established perimeter would be attacked - in other words, carrying weapons inside the city became prohibited. Though public outrage following this move was overwhelming, with many openly attacking and undermining First Sun forces, Colonel Antalaha defended his and First Sun`s actions in a statement to Veritas Press.


The city is covered in darkness - Derra is the most dangerous port in the Galaxy now. The early marauders of Derra`s cities turned out to be organized criminals reselling spare K-4 droids from the planet - like street-merchant war-mongers. First Sun`s presence interrupted that criminal operation. The Krath resorted to theft, kidnapping and ransom. If First Sun were not on Derra IV, there would be even more chaos and these criminals would be even more deeply entrenched and terrorizing the civilian workers. There would be more blood on the streets and restoring order would be more difficult if we were not fighting back.

Despite Colonel Antalaha`s determination to protect civilians, and his aims in restoring order to Derra`s urban areas, opposition to First Sun`s presence on Derra has continued to grow amid fears the true reasons for First Sun`s deployment may be more sinister than suggested. Governments from around the Galaxy noted with disapproval First Sun`s attempts to forcibly disarm Derra - the Krath Dynasty in particular, as well as the Galactic Empire, soon warned First Sun that continued enforcement of martial law on the world would be met with military force. Plans to peacefully transfer First Sun`s law enforcement duties on Derra to the Krath Dynasty collapsed shortly thereafter, as an inability to cede responsibility for all parts of the city crippled talks. With both sides unable to reach an agreement, it was clear diplomacy was making little progress in resolving the situation.

Matters escalated several weeks ago as elements of the Krath Dynasty finally arrived on Derra, proceeding to engage the First Sun Mobile Regiment immediately. Though First Sun were prepared to hold their perimeter at all costs, the superior fighting force of the Krath invaders made short work of First Sun`s defensive lines. Despite the defeat, Colonel Antalaha and the remnants of his Mobile Regiment retreated deeper into the city and have since resorted to hit-and-run assaults in an attempt to frustrate the Krath Dynasty and other Galactic Alliance forces.

Though the situation may seem dire, Colonel Antalaha remained upbeat (if weary) when asked about events; even stating a counter attack into the city by First Sun forces is underway, working with the Galactic Empire to retake lost ground - despite initial Imperial opposition to First Sun activities on Derra IV.


Our position on Derra has stabilized, but is still critical. Our early arrival on Derra allowed us to establish good defensible points within the city, but the streets are constantly ablaze and still highly dangerous. Since Krath declared First Sun an enemy, we`ve been working with the Galactic Empire`s larger forces in order to help secure the city. First Sun`s plan of fighting has been interlocking fields of fire from our sand-crawlers at major city intersections, and using hit-and-run tactics to keep GA (Galactic Alliance) squads on their toes. Combat swings from just two squads to two dozen in a wild melee. It seems to be a stalemate, with no end to the fighting in sight.

With First Sun losing the upper-hand on Derra, impetus has now turned to battles between Imperial and Galactic Alliance forces on the world. That said; Derra IV remains largely uncivilized, lawless and engulfed in violence. With no apparent end to conflict there in sight, Veritas Press advises sentients to refrain from travelling to the planet - unless heavily armed.





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This transmission from First Sun has been prepared for publication and supplemented with additional data by the Veritas News Department.

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With First Sun`s presence on Derra challenged by the Krath Dynasty`s military, and parts of the wider Galactic Alliance, we sat down with Krath Admiral Grevendar Togl to discuss the Alliance`s invasion - and reasons behind it.

Why has Krath deployed to Derra?

Krath were originally planning hunting parties to do some minor benevolent wildlife cleansing when we heard about martial law being declared. We did nothing until we noticed complaints from traders. When an Admiral stopped by in-city to hire some troops and got shot, I personally pushed for action. Giving deployment orders, we were to rendezvous with a civilian hunting group from the Dynasty already en-route. This was all in case peaceful means were unsuccessful; we were planning to hunt there ourselves so a lack of enemy action wouldn`t have bothered us.

Why was a peaceful transition of law enforcement duties (between First Sun and Krath) unsuccessful?

A peaceful transition was at one point looking promising. The sticking point was First Sun refusing to leave. No matter what I offered First Sun insisted they would always patrol one road themselves and never leave it, I noticed this had 90% of the hiring locations, the starport and the shop. Effectively they were monopolizing the city trading center. Looking at reported First Sun attacks, they always occurred against hiring traders. I saw mass sales on Centrepoint [Marketplace] of troops, weapons and other packages and then a note from them that they were doing sporadic patrols of the other hiring locations, it was clear from the situation they were attempting to trade embargo to profit. The last straw was frequent insults, and then accusations of cowardice. I demanded an apology for all our forces but to add that one of our wildlife scouts was attacked while hiring forces.

How did conflict with First Sun go? Was it successful?

Honestly, there wasn`t a conflict so much as a massacre. When we got there we saw maybe one patrol group, it was so pathetic I even sent Mesh`la Daryc a current view of the city. It turned out that only three officers were on Derra, all of whom were actually honorable. The conduct of their leader forced all three to defect to the [Krath] Dynasty, where they were gladly received and given field commissions. Total losses against First Sun amount to one junior trooper and some scout drones. Our engagements have been complete successes with over four hundred documented First Sun troop kills. Things only got more peaceful when the rest of the Galactic Alliance arrived on the scene. We consider the mission a success based on the containment of First Sun, the availability of services once again to the trading community and the military statistics. This is only detracted by the fact Ettrick has not left.

Is First Sun still actively attacking Krath forces now? If so, how effective and/or sporadic are these attacks?

If when you say First Sun you mean Ettrick (because everyone else on planet defected) then yes, on occasion. Most of the time nothing happens, he has preferred to rent his equipment to the Empire. We have logs of known GE officers using his assets. He launches one attack per 3-4 days. He is simply a terrorist, trying to kill us and drive us out so he can profit again.

An extended cut of this interview is available here, on the Veritas Holonexus.




Ryll production increased almost seven-fold last quarter, as calls for the legalization of the drug grow ever louder. Market leader Hi`Kush Royan of the Ni`Lyahin Smugglers made a call for customers to purchase his Ryll products in a recent advertising campaign.

Ni`Lyahin deathsticks are made from the finest Ryll in the Galaxy. Don`t settle for any drug dealer - settle for the best. Ni`Lyahin will beat any competitor`s price. With the recent chaos on Derra, Ni`Lyahin deathsticks are an affordable and safe way for a sentient to put his mind at ease. Ni`Lyahin Smugglers offer the finest products at an affordable price - with delivery available anywhere in the Galaxy.

In a more private talk with Veritas Press reporters, Mr. Royan showed his awareness of increased competition for Ryll sales, particularly after several supposedly legitimate organizations were found to be in the possession of the drug, but seemed unfazed by the situation.

The increased availability of Ryll will lead to [the presence of] more competitors. Even so, we at Ni`Lyahin are confident we will retain our monopoly on the market through fair pricing, high quality products, and the continuation of our more covert services.

Leading health organizations are conflicted as to the harm Ryll can have on the body; a problem compounded by the differing effects of Ryll between species. However, with many hailing Ryll`s promising medical potential, use of the drug has never been more widespread. That said, it remains to be seen whether Ryll will be legalized any time soon. Veritas Press advises careful use of the drug, and recommends users seek counsel from medical professionals before buying it. In any case, Ni`Lyahin Smugglers seems to be the place to go for any aspiring Ryll takers.




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Year 19 Day 204: After a daring and perhaps brash political move on the part of New Republic, Dynali Industrial Excavations has decided to cede the reins of power, leaving the citizens of Ord Thoden under the control of New Republic.
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