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Welcome to the Galactic News Service
Unknown Signal - Adventurers Wanted!
Hacked by: Unknown, Unknown
Date: Year 18 Day 142 Location Unknown

Reports are coming in from various sources saying that a desparate distress signal has come in from the Tynna Sector. Four ships seem to have been damaged and stranded by bandits. The broadcast was weak and seemed to be blocked by a combination of signal jamming and asteroid field interference. Only a few words came through and we have your exclusive!


One image made it through..


         "....andits!..." static made it impossible to understand most of the noise. "....need help... ship yours... save us..."












Our reporters have little information beyond this and ask for the public to assist us in the search for these lost souls. It sounds like they may reward you with their ship in exchange for saving them. Good luck, adventurers! (And don't forget to bring your fighter squadrons)

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 294: Axion Resource Conglomerate was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 20 Day 294: Chimaera Consulting was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
Year 20 Day 294: A new treaty was established on Kalarba I today between governing officials and diplomats from Confederacy of Independent Systems; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.
Year 20 Day 294: Rather than fall in line with Confederacy of Independent Systems's recent requests, Kalarba I issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Confederacy of Independent Systems a criminal organization on their planet.