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Byblos Drive Yards reacts to turmoil in space
Posted by: Amirantha Dahrii, Byblos Drive Yards
Date: Year 18 Day 147 Onboard the Merchant Space Dock HQ Station in system Spindrift (90, -440).

Recent events in the galactic community led to a change of course for the manufacturing faction Byblos Drive Yards. Multiple channels are reporting blockades in deep space on the trade routes leading to their Homebase, in the Spindrift System.

At a conference in the Merchant Space Dock in Spindrift, a tall human steps toward the holocam and starts to speak. “Greetings people of the Galaxy, my name is Amirantha Dahrii and I am here to present to the public our answer to the oppressive crime in space. Past days we have been monitoring the bandits close to our Homebase.

 For the first time since decades, after receiving the emergency signal from the Tynna sector where civilian fleets are facing violent attacks, we have launched a pre-emptive strike on the blockading bandits. We simply cannot allow that our customers are put in danger when they trade with us, and in the future, we will patrol the trade routes near Spindrift to ensure their safety. Furthermore, we have dispatched an armed rescue fleet out to Tynna sector in hope to find and release the victims of these coward attacks. This is rather unique since our first priority as faction is commerce.“

Amiratha Dahrii speaking from the Merchant Space Dock

The human lifts his right arm towards his mouth and speaks in his comlink. A Gand appears and presses on the instrument panel of the Merchant Space Dock, sunscreens of a large window fade away and a scenery with many shipyards and industrial traffic becomes visible. The impressive gesture of a Nautolan appears next to Amirantha and speaks with a determined voice; “Many of you know me by the name Anax Noctru. In this gathering we disclose our answer against this widespread crime in space. We made the impossible possible so I am proud to announce our technicians succeeded in modifying the N-1 Starfighters. As these aged fighters have been designed before the clone-wars, they could use an upgrade to cope with the increasing conflicts in space. Engineers from Polis Massa who migrated a year ago with us to Spindrift found a way to install a second torpedo tube right behind the existing tube, resulting in more firepower of these sleek ships. A consequence is manoeuvrability went a bit down, however in the attack on the bandits commenced by our space patrol the new version of the N-1 Starfighter seem to be better performing than the old version of this fighter design. We aim to serve the galaxy, and thus we release the blueprints of these ships renamed to N-1 MKII Starfighter to the manufacturing business. Expectations are high, and by realizing mass-production in our smart factories, we did see a possibility to bring the price down of these ships.”


Byblos Drive Yards N-1 MKII StarfighterThe Human, Gand and Nautolan step aside, leaving a clear view through the Merchant Space Dock it's large window. A squadron of N-1 MKII Starfighters with their typical new colour scheme rush along.

The N-1's roles include reconnaissance/patrol missions, escort duty and system defense. The historical success of the N-1 led to the reputation of starfighters as battleship-killers. The rear finial can be connected to outlets in any dockingbay to recharge the craft and transmit important data, even coded mission profiles.

Public sales of these new upgraded starfighters hit the market soon. Production of the old N-1 Starfighter with one torpedo tube is discontinued and shall become an antique ship. Byblos Drive Yards welcomes any customer to place their orders for the new upgraded ships now.

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