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Crimson over Glom Tho
Hacked by: Greyson Abrams, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 18 Day 174 Location Unknown

Following events that made extensive headlines around the galaxy, Zann Consortium unveils details about what happened with the Corporate Alliance. 

Zann representatives, Diathim Pravus Malum and Jawa Greyson Abrams, reached out to select media sources earlier this week during a private news conference, somewhere in the outer rim.  They explained that Shall Ti, the former 2nd in command of Corporate Alliance and agent of Zann, influenced Koby Navarro of Matuki Dragons to assassinate Elm Aran, resulting in losses of several hundred ships, vehicles, planetary control, and the incarceration of civilians at the hands of assault Defilers positioned around the companies areas of operation.

Adding to a continued series of repeated mistakes with terrible consequences by an inept rebel government, the Krath brought suspicion over itself from its allies as weeks earlier it incorporated Matuki Dragons into their sovereignty.  Initially thought to be a sound military decision, Krath soon learned the Dragons were no more capable of handling pressures of the galaxy than themselves. Fumbling even further during the attack by Zann, Krath handed over various holdings seized to Confederacy of Independent Systems once Matuki learned it had been tricked and began freezing assets.

Commenting on why Zann would utilize Matuki Dragons as a pawn and not activate a Defiler, Pravus stated, "During the siege of the Saijo sector some time ago, Matuki Dragons continued to cross Zann Consortium despite our lack of hostility, so we felt manipulating them into attacking their own allies was the best possible solution for payback, capitalizing on their aggressive tendencies. I'm sure you can imagine our surprise when Shall Ti had not yet been identified by them.  We believe it speaks volumes to the Dragons and Krath's lack of credible counter intelligence. Their lack of awareness allowed us to maximize our gain on several fronts."

Regarding Shall's history with Zann, Pravus directed reporters to former Kominiic Greyson Abrams, now serving as a member of the Consortium's Circle. The Jawa keyed his translator to Basic and spoke about the agent in question, “Shall Ti was indoctrinated into in our organization early in year 17. He was involved in an initiative in which select number of infiltration agents known as ‘Cell 7’ focused their corruption efforts on the former Rift Alliance and its then allies. Since that time, we’ve seen an improved turnover rate allowing us to indoctrinate several members including Shall himself from the crumbling alliance, all of which have sworn fealty to Zann.  As the Rift Alliance reforms itself into the Rim Commonality, we look forward to further opportunities of corruption and subterfuge with them and the rest of the galactic alliances.”

Answering questions as to Zann's connections with Confederacy of Independent System despite an attack on their allies, Pravus proudly stated, “I can assure you no matter how it may appear; our two governments are working cohesively towards a better future. We’ve signed an official military defense pact allowing Zann forces and CIS to work cooperatively to maintain security of the system of Glom Tho, ensuring that its citizens may live with peace, and not fear. This pact gives the Shadow Dominion yet another center of operations on two planets; one of which we will be handing planetary control over to our allies Death Watch."

CIS and Zann Consortium honor military defensive pact patrolling Glom Tho together.


















The attack on Corporate Alliance and other former Rift members, orchestrated by Zann leader Kyota Navic, marks yet another successful attack made by the Togorian, known for his heterochromia. It comes just days before Navic's mentor and predecessor Ximaro Jix retakes the reigns of the criminal network. No word has followed as to why the founding leader of Zann Consortium has returned, stirring controversy among the public.

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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 290: Kathleen Tate, the leader of CorSec was replaced today by Walter Watts.