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Owls Kept Me Up All Night
Posted by: Peter Max, The Death Watch
Date: Year 18 Day 216 Onboard the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser [DW] The Ultimate in system Serroco (100, 195).
- The Liberator News -
A report has just surfaced that Nite Owl Special Forces, operating under Death Watch Command, have reportedly captured three mid-ranked infiltrators who are believed to be associated with the Tresario Star Kingdom. This covert counter intelligence operation was executed after careful planning during the past few months. These captured spies were immediately executed for crimes against the Mandalorian state despite their desperate pleas for mercy.
A reliable source from Death Watch, who remains nameless, informed the news agency that “A wide range of covert activities took place behind enemy lines which provided crucial intelligence to our commanders on the front lines. The actions helped stifle Tresarian attempts to infiltrate our group and helped us assess enemy forces prior to any formal engagement”.
“Seizing enemy operatives has always been a key driver in demoralizing the enemy in our ongoing war with the Tresario Star Kingdom. We know for a fact that these captured heathens have caused unrest within the Kingdom and has forced them to make mistakes,” the anonymous source continued, who claimed to be a Nite Owl commander.
Cos Jetbag was the first captured infiltrator, and according to Death Watch officials he was identified as a Soskin Guard member. Jetbag was allegedly working on sabotaging Death Watch operations as ordered by Higelourmi Everivir, leader of the mercenary organization Soskin Guards. This group has been identified as a proxy of the Tresario Star Kingdom by Nite Owl specialists after analyzing Higelourmi Everivirs’ connections with high ranking TBI (Tresarian Bureau of Intelligence) officers. 
Specifically Keth Terik, known as agent “Lor” by the Tresarians was his direct supervisor on at least one confirmed operation against their enemies. The source also highlighted that there is plenty of evidence including a confirmation by a high ranking Tresarian officer that links Higelourmi Everivir to them.The Death Watch have successfully performed attacks on the Soskin Guard in previous missions such as the execution of one of their most prominent members Jor Panoka.
Following Cos Jetbag´s capture, the Nite Owls identified another threat. In a coordinated effort with the Zann Consortium forces, Braf Savek was captured by Dread forces who discovered he was working closely with Kevin Wolff in a failed attempt to capture Overlord Peter Max. It has been reported that Tresarian ships were flying close to Braf´s location and failed to rescue him.
“Braf´s capture is a clear example of the Shadow Dominion´s effectiveness when it comes to emergency cooperation and communication, thanks to our allies who performed the capture while we were too far away to prevent his escape.” Peter Max said.
The last and most recent capture included KuKhal Bass of the Bounty Hunters Guild. It was believed that Bass was planning an assassination of Peter Max before it was thwarted by Dread pirate Brao Vinklo who discovered his plans. A post capture investigation revealed that he was a member of the Guild reporting directly to a Takar Resk, a high ranking Tresarian officer.
Death Watch intel services have also identified the Bounty Hunter´s Guild as a proxy of the Tresario Star Kingdom and have led a successful operation against them in the past that resulted in the capture of their second in command and veteran Tresarian supporter Ildris Elgar.
Sources from the Mandalorian state have also confirmed the exposure of another bounty hunter that served as an apprentice to the veteran Mercenary Diabolus`ut Persolvo, the fate of this Bounty Hunter was different than the other captured spies.
“Diabolus’ apprentice collaborated and provided crucial Intel to counter this threat, I believe that Diabolous has become senile and is now just a shadow of his past glory. His pitiful attempt to attack us will only become his doom, as he must understand that we have long tendrils extending deep into every major sector of the galaxy. His attempt to attack us will be countered with a ruthless war- Our elite squad known as the Nite Owls who operate behind enemy lines are more than capable of ensuring our security and integrity and at the same time have proven to be very effective in offensive operations. 
“While Nite Owls infiltrate our enemies Death Watch´s elite Bloodguard forces who comprise our main armies get ready to fight the enemy in conventional warfare making the Death Watch effective in multiple arenas. I would also like to highlight that we work closely with our allies in the Shadow Dominion boosting our capabilities”, Overlord Peter Max said in an exclusive interview from a secret location.
Other reports are streaming in that indicate the Nite Owls have identified several other infiltrators who will soon be captured. The Nite Owls stay true to their name, working around the clock to plan their next attack. It is reported they are planning to increase their offensive operations not just against the Tresario Star Kingdom but also against Mercenary groups, the Galactic Alliance and lastly Rim Commonality targets."

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