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No Surrender in Serroco
Posted by: Peter Max, The Death Watch
Date: Year 18 Day 235 Onboard the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser [DW] The Ultimate in system Serroco (100, 195).

- The Liberator News-

Breaking news has just surfaced regarding a bloody conflict on Serroco. Death Watch's Bloodguard forces have announced they are making a “tactical retreat” from a besieged district in the opposition stronghold of Serroco following an arduous 15 day long military assault. Civilian bystanders commented that blood filled the streets in some areas as Bloodguard soldiers faced off in heated all out battles that raged through the night. A Bloodguard commander has recently announced they are heavily outnumbered by Tresarian forces. After some careful maneuvering and cunning tactics, the force was able to retreat in an organized manner while minimizing casualties.



The Bloodguard composes Death Watch's conventional forces known for their ruthless attacks and no holds barred mentality. Overlord Peter Max ordered their deployment on Serroco´s capital after learning from intel sources that Tresarian forces had besieged the city.


The assault ended in the destruction of 378 Battle droids and the loss of 577 Mandalorian Warriors.


“Our Assault was a symbol of defiance to the Vatz Monarchy, in which we sent them a clear message that Mandalorians are a force to be reckoned with. With just a handful of commanders and a small number of warriors we were able to stop their advance enough to afford time to the people of the city to flee safely, while we hammered them mercilessly with all the armaments we had. While this was a victory for them it is not the end of the war and we will continue our assaults on the Tresarian military using guerrilla style tactics.”


Zann Consortium forces supported Bloodguard positions and were able to cause many enemy droid casualties. The streets remain riddled with blood and numerous droid parts as Zann constituents shred through most of them with ease.


"This is another show of the Shadow Dominion´s offensive cooperation", said a Death Watch Commander.


Death Watch forces were also supported by Affiliated clan Militias, most notably the deployment of Clan Ghost troops.


“During this operation we saw forces from Clan Breviin, Clan Delitrox, Clan Kal and Clan Ghost fighting as one. What a sight it was to see our united brothers carving through Tresarian forces before we made a controlled retreat. We urge our Mandalorian Brothers around the Galaxy to unite and show our strength as one. We will not yield to tyranny!”


Death Watch forces continue to retreat and according to Bloodguard specialists it is likely that Tresario Star Kingdom will get their prescence established in the city, but not before suffering major casualties. it is also believed some remnants of opposition remain within the city, striking under the cover of darkness and causing unrest among Tresarian forces.

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