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A Loss of Epic Proportions
Hacked by: Nat N`ightshade, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 19 Day 142 Location Unknown

Vectinia – Earlier today, news broke regarding professional bandit hunter Lorenzas Atticus and mercenary group Ailon Nova Guard who were recently defeated by Zann Consortium in the Vectinia system.



Flanked by his personal Bvyek Zane Apex, Zann Consortium Krestviniic Ximaro Jix addressed a select gathering of correspondents on his newly acquired Mon Calamari-80a star cruiser. Ximaro Jix explained that the, now, Nova Blades had previously looted Ailon Nova Guard and that, during the course of the last several weeks, had been engaged in a battle on planet Vectinia alone and outnumbered providing a strong resistance against multiple galactic organizations and governments.


“I will first address the Nova Blades and Zann Consortium collusion rumors. Kohl Straffer of the marauding mercenary outfit Nova Blades was tired of Lorenzas Atticus of Ailon Nova Guard’s erratic behavior and, frankly, silly antics towards his members and organization in general. Following what any right minded individual would do, Straffer looted assets which are as follows: ’20 MC-60s’, ’20 MC-80as’, and over ‘400 X-Wing starfighters’. Alongside the looted property, an estimated total of several hundred billion credits in market value were stolen. Now, we at Zann Consortium are aware of many in the public believe that we are largely responsible for this attack. However, I assure you; we only guided and nurtured Straffer’s desire for revenge through the use of our infiltration agents and instruction. We are not responsible for dropping the hammer on the Ailon Nova Guard until our forces arrived on Vectinia.”


After the address, reporters learned that the Nova Blades opposition, comprised of Ailon Nova Guard, Trade Federation Corsec, Kerdos Company, and The Wraiths often taunted the Vectinia liberators however, fell short when it came to tactical offenses largely due to Lorenzas Atticus’ instability as a theater of war general and even less so of an organizational leader.



Zann Consortium’s arrival into the conflict, along with its Shadow Dominion allies Death Watch and Dread, changed the tide of battle causing the oppositional force to lose its grip on the Vectinia system completely. Leader Lorenzas Atticus soon began to sink further into a state of mental despair, eventually removing ally CorSec from the battle; paranoid that the Zann Consortium had infiltrated his alliance ranks. This, ultimately, was a move that would prove costly as Kerdos Company and The Wraiths would soon cede their support shortly before the Trade Federation yielded their initiative.


“I, myself, personally wonder exactly what the alleged neutral government Trade Federation was doing in this conflict to begin with. They clearly were unable to assist Ailon Nova Guard in any meaningful or supportive way. Perhaps they should stick to their beloved commerce and keep out of affairs that they are not equipped to deal with. Otherwise, I fear the galaxy may see continued incompetence on their behalf” Ximaro stated sternly.


Ximaro closed the address, declining to offer details to reporters just how much the crime syndicate Zann  profited from the misfortune of ANG, as he exited the conference room with his personal security.

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Events in Brief
Year 19 Day 324: Zao Nephalem, the leader of The Wraiths was replaced today by Xrati Zee.
Year 19 Day 324: Xrati Zee, the leader of The Wraiths was replaced today by Zao Nephalem.
Year 19 Day 324: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Parallax Industries specializes in Recycling and will be led by Lucian Vax. The first headquarters of Parallax Industries opened today in PI Lorrd I on Lorrd I.
Year 19 Day 323: o`Cuinn Enterprises has been renamed to Sevetta Security. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 323: Dael`mor has been renamed to Sevetta Salvage. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.