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Reclamation of the Future
Posted by: Grizzik Lo-Lo, Sanctuary Prime
Date: Year 20 Day 284 Onboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser [SAN] Exterminator in system Nimban (340, 60).
As news the last several weeks has circulated throughout the galaxy, Sanctuary Prime comes to the forefront once again. The Talz known as Grizzik Lo-Lo stands with his protocol droid at a podium, many wait for their newest announcement.
“It is with a heavy heart that I come before you today. Roughly two standard weeks ago the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser ‘Kushibah Ascent’ reverted to real space in the Mek va Uil system. The ship was non-responsive to hails from the system defense platforms. After boarding the ship it was discovered that the vessel had sustained heavy damage and boarding from an unknown party. After further investigation the bodies of both Exo and Ramekin Mirax were discovered.”
The ‘Kushibah Ascent’ adrift near Mek va Uil.
“In the two weeks since their discovery our lead forensic scientists have combed over the ship and found several pieces of evidence that implicate the guilty party. Although not a surprise, we at Sanctuary Prime, thought these so called ‘Zealots’ would leave neutral parties out of their so called ‘crusade’. That being said we have confirmed that members of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy, disguised as refugees, murdered the owners of NETWORKRabbit in cold blood. Although not members of Sanctuary Prime, Exo and Ramekin were friends and certainly did not deserve the sentence of death that the Humans of the Ecclesiarchy deemed theirs to carry out. “
“I have faith that their ideals and positive movement in the universe for the Kushiban race will continue, many stewards for their great people have come forth and the future seems brighter than ever.”
“Now to address this so called crusade. I will show no quarter, show no mercy for these self styled ‘Crusaders’. I will not stop until every last one of your lights have been extinguished from the universe. Your blatant disregard for the innocent will be answered with ruthless judgement. “
Grizzik’s anger clearly bubbling over he steps back a moment, the droid looks to him momentarily before he continues.
“As the military of Sanctuary Prime readies for deployment across this great expanse, I called the Primarch Council to debate an issue that we all deal with. This issue, although trivial in nature to some, plagues even the best of us. The terms ‘Alien’ or ‘non-human’ will no longer work. It implies we are being compared to humans or even that we are outsiders, and nothing could be further from the truth. After our debate came to an end we decided on a perfect designation for all of our brothers and sisters. That term is Reclaimer. We are the past, and we are here to Reclaim the future. Never again will the words ‘Alien’ or ‘non-human’ be used when describing us as a whole, the movement deserves more than that. With that being said I call to all the Reclaimers in the universe. I call you to come home and advance the cause. It is time to take back our rightful place and illuminate the non-believers that have caused us harm for far to long. “
Remembering Exo and Ramekin
“Lastly I would like every one to take a moment and remember those that have lost their lives for nothing, we shall bring justice to the winds and have your names remembered for as long as we, the Reclaimers of the universe, roam the stars.”
The Talz bows his head and those in attendance do so as well.
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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 290: Kathleen Tate, the leader of CorSec was replaced today by Walter Watts.