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Events in Brief
- Year 19 Day 51:: Not Krath was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
- Year 19 Day 51:: Fulco D`Este, the leader of Byblos Drive Yards was replaced today by Remington Steele.
- Year 19 Day 50:: Obi Wan Soares, the leader of CryoMed Laboratories was replaced today by Qenran Laevis.
- Year 19 Day 50:: The Not Krath has found it increasingly difficult in recent times to maintain control over the remnants of their original planets. The high council convened and have decided that as their current situation cannot be rectified, they surrender sovereign authority over the planets they control, and assume the status of a Trading group.
- Year 19 Day 50:: Paul Orion, the leader of Minos-Mestra Munitions was replaced today by Benjamin Najman.
- Year 19 Day 50:: Tarkacheen, the leader of Koros Spaceworks was replaced today by Devon Felson.
- Year 19 Day 49:: The population of Ord Thoden, largely disenfranchised from their planetary rulers sponsored by the despised Dynali Industrial Enterprises, have announced today that they are transferring the bulk of power to Dynali Industrial Excavations instead, in hopes of stimulating their economy through their mining operations.