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Missions and Quests

Missions are procedurally-generated Player versus Environment (PvE) contracts. Many missions are designed to be completed by a single player but can be completed more efficiently with multiple players working cooperatively. Some missions are designed to be completed by multiple players, and may be difficult or even impossible for a single player to complete. Missions provide greater levels of rewards than global PvE content such as bandit or creature hunting. Missions generally require a diverse skillset to complete.

  • Missions are started and completed by interacting with NPCs in certain faction-owned facilities and space stations.

    • Each mission type is granted by a single faction type.
    • The player interacting with the NPC does NOT need to be in the same faction, in the same faction type, or even in a faction at all.
    • The only requirement is that the faction which owns the facility or space station allows physical access via assignment or crewlist.
    • However, some missions may require faction-specific features to complete successfully.
  • Factions which allow players to access their facilities and space stations for the purpose of conducting missions are rewarded with a portion of the reward when a player completes a mission in the faction-owned facility or space station.

    • Unless otherwise specified, the faction portion is 5% of the total award value.
  • Missions reward the player with credits upon successful completion.

    • Because of the higher-risk nature of missions, which carry the chance of failure and asset loss, and the lengthy timelines involved, mission rewards are generally substantially greater than the amount of credits players can earn through other means such as facility income.
    • Missions may also occasionally reward unique items, such as single-use physical datacards.
  • Completing missions earns reputation for the associated mission type.

    • Players can trade the reputation for higher ranks, which generally allow more complex, more difficult, and more rewarding missions of that type.
    • Some missions also have an associated vendor or store, where players can spend reputation to access unique rewards.

Quests are static adventures that are scripted using LISP. Quests are designed for a single player to complete, but may contain multi-player elements.

QuestStarting LocationAction
Bane of Miners
Sector: Bright Jewel
System: Bright Jewel (-5, 185)
Station: Tansarii Point (7, 2)
Klug's Challenge
Sector: Morobe
System: Petabys Conflict Zone (100, 5)
Station: Petabys Station (7, 10)
Beskar Crafting
Any tavern that is owned by a Mercenary-type faction
QuestStarting LocationAction
B`omarr Monastery
Sector: Arkanis
System: Tatoo (296, -248)
Planet: Tatooine (6, 12)
City: B`omarr Monastery (3, 1)
Ground: (1, 1)
Fountain of the Ancients
Sector: Hutt Space
System: Si`Klaata Cluster (360, 120)
Station: Fountain of the Ancients Gateway (3, 2)
Abandoned Research Installation
Sector: Kessel
System: The Maw (395, 71)
Station: Abandoned Research Installation (11, 6)
QuestStarting LocationRestriction
An Elegant Weapon
Any Temple
Force Sensitive Only