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Hey, gonna get you too - Another one bites the dust! (Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 138)
 1 Year 18 Day 138, 15:07 Sid banned player Edgar Vyktor providing the following reason: M...

Repeat multi account offenses earn you a permaban (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 135)
 1 Year 18 Day 135, 22:14 Baugrems banned player Koharu Akimitsu providing the following r...

Getting around a ban with a multi is bad (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 128)
   1 Year 18 Day 128, 18:08 Baugrems banned player Eretria Falstom providing the fo...

Community News

Unknown Signal - Community Event (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 142)
For those who saw the Unknown Signal GNS:   Send a DM to Baugrems when you find a ship and all bandits have been destroy...

Weekly Deathmatch + Grudge Update (Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 141)
As the title would imply, Deathmatch has advanced to the next round and grudges have been refreshed with a new round. Submit your...

New Deathmatch! (Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 133)
Jessy James has been chosen as the Deathmatch Champion! A new match has opened, but we are still in search of Grudge Matches. S...

Technical News

Sync Report Year 18 Day 140 (Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 140)
Tweaks: - Added remote recycling abort option to inventory - Added remote production resume/abort/pause options to inventory - I...

Sync Report Year 18 Day 125 (Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 125)
Update to revision 160c6c3680c0eb1bfe6d382c1bee36bc5008be9a (+110) Features: - R&D has been redesigned to use a tech tree mech...

Sync Report Yea 18 Day 112 (Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 112)
Update to revision 1fcdcf9bc1ced1c3be94d12ac6bb3bb287419386 (+52) Art: - Switched Scanner Legend to use SVGs for character/npc...

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 142 20:26)

For those who saw the Unknown Signal GNS:


Send a DM to Baugrems when you find a ship and all bandits have been destroyed in system. Four are available to find. Will announce when all are claimed. Good Luck!  

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 141 0:07)

As the title would imply, Deathmatch has advanced to the next round and grudges have been refreshed with a new round. Submit your grudges before next week!  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 140 22:15)

- Added remote recycling abort option to inventory
- Added remote production resume/abort/pause options to inventory
- Inventory/Entity/Property route permits pausing/resuming/aborting remotely of more actions (production, recycling (aborting only))
- Recycling stations can recycle entities at their same location in addition to those docked inside of them.
- added special room map images for Crystal Caves

- Hide entities that are not partyable from the squadron screen (such as capital ships which cannot be partied)
- clicking 'travel' when in cockpit in hyperspace shows error, now shows hyperspace screen (#4331)
- Existing factions sometimes lack newly created privs being assigned to their leaders. (#4338)
- Inventory/Entity/Tags/Tag resource collides with Inventory/Entity/Tags resource (Unreported)
- Fixing various bugs with lisp is-owner and co, planet-name and co (reported on IRC)
- When party leader dies in combat, party members disappear due to corrupt entity location (#4335)
- WS routes looking for permissions that don't exist (Unreported)
- WS documentation shows different permissions needed than it actually checks for (Unreported)
- Fix another crash on rules page when race has no bonus skills (unreported)
- Fix crash on rules page when race has empty bonus skills (unreported)
- Make entityLocation more strict about split parties, will now throw errors if code tries to split a party without first kicking members. This can be disabled by an admin property if it is too intrusive. (#4292)
- Cookie consent appears on every frame when viewing pages with multiple frames (#3587)
- Inventory infinite loop when stack of items is unpositioned (#4330)
- typo in facility type constant for workers compound
- Assigning through Inventory/Entity/Property resource creates events without specified reasons. Will now identify API client that caused event where reasons in events are supported (Unreported)
- Inventory/Entities route filtering by tags gives no results. (Unreported)
- Empty response in WS when lacking authentication tokens (Unreported)
- fixed being unable to force heal if your party had a droid in it
- cannot unload ships/vehicles into another ship/vehicle when you are commander or owner but not pilot (#4322)
- fix issue where ships you can't board show up on the boarding lists, e.g. when ascending (#2141)
- Simultaneous combat reports now come out in the correct order on events page (#2848)
- Room view crashes when item with bad owner is in same room, replaced with message to contact support (Reported on forums)
- Exceptions thrown on WS documentation (#4315)
- Remove old repair link from cockpit & remove cockpit repair frame, correct link is in menu under production (reported on IRC)
- Fixed NPC market bugs, crashes when auction mode finishes causing bids to not-work (#4314)
- market auction finishing with invalid bidder causes InvalidArgumentException (#4314)
- Menu crashing on dev server when character hasnt selected start location (entity->getContainer crashing) (#4313)
- Rate limit error codes conflict with general API error codes leading to confusion (Web API Forum)
- Rate limits appear to work, but limit is too low to be practical to use with large inventories. (Unreported)
- add faction dissolution event showing dissolution timer duration when not in danger of dissolution (#3626, #4305)
- Fix IFF Crash when invalid owner ship nearby (#4309)
- patrol action bugging out when leader variable is unset (unreported)
- Fix another inventory tree list related issue, when cargo container
- Fix undocking cargo from facilities not working into ships around top or left border of facilities (#3442)
- Inventory tree list crashes when sorting by planet, packaged item type; fixed crash, still slightly broken tho (#4197)
- Sensor range is calculated slightly incorrectly, some squares were considered in range when they were not, due to rounding error (#4288)
- Fixed issue where entities could be tractored while doing other actions such as recycling (#4298)
- Existing production actions failing due to undefined variable (#4299)
- Removed persistent notification that a browser does not support desktop-style notifications (Unreported)  

(Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 133 20:35)

Jessy James has been chosen as the Deathmatch Champion!

A new match has opened, but we are still in search of Grudge Matches. Submit yours today!

The Grudges have opened!  

(Edited by Sid on Year 18 Day 135)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 125 1:24)

Update to revision 160c6c3680c0eb1bfe6d382c1bee36bc5008be9a (+110)

- R&D has been redesigned to use a tech tree mechanic in which players will use research points to unlock higher level ships over time. This is currently in beta on the dev server and a full release is planned for 2018
- Space combat beta has been released for fighters, gunboats, and corvettes. You may fight bandits that you find in deep space asteroid fields. Most fighters have had their stats updated to perform an initial round of damage balance
- Creature husbandry has been introduced. You may now breed any two creatures you own, to create unique cross-breeds. More details are available on the rules page. We look forward to seeing Squall Dragons and Rancor Berries
- Prime matchmaking has been added to Derra. Players who now verify their cell phone number and reach level 30 will be eligible for special PvP drops

- You may only use images for your avatar that match your character's race. The Spying Rules have been updated to reflect this
- New gender options have been added to reflect the diversity in the SW Universe. You may now also choose between male, female, both, neither, non-binary, stargender, attack helicopter, navy seal, Rick Astley, and Iron Fist
- In-game actions will no longer award XP. Instead it will be given out through a community voting process. See the Life and Death rules for more information
- The HP equation has been updated to account for high level players being effectively invulnerable to artillery and Krayt Dragons. All HP has been divided by 10. See the Life and Death rules for more information
- Hyper travel times have been increased by an average of 250% to balance against combat, see the Movement rules for more information
- All sniper rifle damage has been increased by 10%
- Due to balance problems for low-level players, the HP equation has been rewritten again. All entity HP has been increased by a factor of 10. See the Life and Death rules for more information
- The Diplomacy/Trading skill has been renamed to Speechcraft
- All combat skills have been merged and renamed to Warcraft

- Production automatically multinames entities. There is now a checkbox to control this behavior. Default is to not multiname. (#3009)
- Added ability to interact with actions that can be paused/aborted/resumed via inventory to Inventory/Entity/Property resource. (Web API Forum)
- Added show_room_map property to facilities which controls whether the room map is visible on the rules page
- The sector boundaries have been updated to be "smoother." This should not have affected the sector membership of any systems
- Unionization has been added for medical items. Only players who have spent more than 40 hours logged in may use medical items. Medical factions may enter into union negotiations with galactic government approval to change this
- Lightsaber damage has been removed. Lightsaber attacks will now kill players in one hit
- Ewoks have returned as a playable race that can only be selected after returning from a ban
- All sniper rifles now deal 10% less damage

- The Suggestions forum has been closed and all posts will be archived. Game suggestions should be posted on the bug base and Force suggestions should be DMed to Mikel von Bianchi
- The forums have been disabled for iOS users
- Players who answer incorrectly in the "Questions for Admin" forum will receive a one week forum ban

- Foray Blockade runners have been fixed and can now actually run blockades (i.e. go through shields, taking 10-100% hull damage, randomly)
- Updated desktop notification code to work in Safari, Firefox and Chrome without needing plugins (#3616)
- Wrecked ships will no longer regenerate ionic capacity or shields (Unreported)
- NPC-owned wrecks can be tractored without needing to be assigned to them (Unreported)
- Undefined index in forum search (Unreported)
- Forum SQL Error for invalid search type (#4297)
- Fixed an issue where race multiplier affected HP. All races now correctly have the same HP (Unreported)
- Recycling gives XP to current pilot rather than character who started the action (#4296)
- Inventory/Entity incorrectly lists tags (Unreported)
- Stations do not show weapons in inventory (#4286)
- Using bacta ryfills with a bacta tank affects the player who put the NPC into the tank rather than the NPC (#4290)
- Can tractor things not at your location (IRC)
- Arrest and execute has been removed. This was a test feature intended only for the dev server that should not have made it to main (IRC)
- removed unnecessary padding from room map background
- Can access character skill reset via NPCs under level 3 (#4287)
- Faction undefined in Inventory/Entities resource (Unreported)
- Action timers have been removed because they were causing too many errors. They have been replaced by a tick system that runs every 3 minutes and performs an accurate quantum simulation of 10 seconds of the game universe(IRC, email, bugs #100-175, and several drunk voicemails from Syn)
- More descriptive errors added to WS for ease of tracking down bugs (Unreported)
- Can combine power of PGs under construction and use it to power additional facilities (#3380)
- Some NPC-only races weren't listed as eligible custom NPCs (#4276)

This is a really exciting sync for us because we are releasing a rather unexpected feature. A sort of space combta beta has been added, wherein you may hunt down bandits who spawn in asteroid fields and destroy them in fighters, corvettes, and gunboats. Ship stats for these entities have been updated as a first pass at making this fun to do, but they are not balanced for long term PvP yet, and the PvP rules will require additional design as we extend combat to include capital ships. Repair on space ships will be required for any damage you take, and destroyed ships will leave behind wrecks that can be recycled.

I'm also thrilled to announce that we have signed a book deal to publish a hardcopy of the SWC rules on Amazon, with the first edition being printed in mid summer and retailing for $59.99. The book will feature a pencil and paper version of Ellias's Production Calculator, it will include more than two dozen relocatable filler pages for future errata, and comes with a 3 inch pewter Gorn Veynom figurine. We're finalizing the cover art and expect it to look like


Update: Most of the sync was part of an April Fools' Day joke, however several real items were included in a sync that was done at the same time. The sync report has been updated with the fake items striked out.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 127)
(Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 125 21:52)

Jokes aside, the Deathmatch and Grudge matches have been advanced.

From here on out, we will be regularly advancing both every week or two as usual.  

(Edited by Sid on Year 18 Day 125)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 112 23:45)

Update to revision 1fcdcf9bc1ced1c3be94d12ac6bb3bb287419386 (+52)

- Switched Scanner Legend to use SVGs for character/npc and droid scanner images

- Reworked entity status rules and IFF checking ability (#4267)

- Facilities can be used for recycling. They work the same way as existing recyclers except that the entity to be recycled needs to be docked inside them. RMs returned by recycling in both facilities and stations both are returned inside the entity doing recycling.
- Stations can be used for recycling. They work the same way as existing recyclers except that the entity to be recycled needs to be docked inside them.
- Mining explosive values have been fixed--they were previously off by a factor of 100

- Repair missing visible checkboxes for RMs to use, not displaying estimated RM usage properly (Unreported)
- Entity Damage (from aborting recycling) doesn't lead to converting to a wreck if hull hits 0 (Unreported)
- Recycling rules have wrong hull value for when conversion to wreck occurs for not solely recycling but also combat (Unreported)
- fixed force skill update event not showing name of updated skill (unreported)
- view breaking on security authorizing wrong type of group (#3701)
- Repair events formatting issues (Unreported)
- Faction repair events don't reflect actual RMs used (Unreported)
- Singular vs. Plural disagreement when no NPCs for repair (Unreported)
- Amount undefined in mining with explosives (#4282)
- Cannot recycle droids in facilities/stations (Unreported)
- NPCs and Creatures taking ionic damage instead of a critical hit
- Mining actions hang when mine is owned by NPC market (#4281)
- Fix for party member being deleted during travel causing infinite loop, showed up as combat error/fire delay hanging when attacking and killing an out-of-range bandit (#4275)
- Some NPC-only races weren't listed as eligible custom NPCs (#4276)
- Fix droid repair crashing because of HP/Hull change
- ctool entity field works with hook class
- fix tractor beam screen scrolling issue
- fixed bug where GuardAction would not be destroyed when leader is killed + unit test
- isModded now shows what mods are applied in the inventory
- Fixing isModded returning true for every ship (showing up as modded in the inventory)
- Updated recycling rules to reflect wreck recycling (Unreported)
- Wrecked ships can't be recycled due to NPC-owned. Once an entity is wrecked, it can be recycled by anyone regardless of owner or assignment (Unreported)
- Time to recycle is the same regardless of whether started by an EVS or a GRZ-6B wrecker (Unreported)  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 112)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 112 20:53)

Deathmatches and Grudge Matches have been updated!


(Posted by Erek on Year 18 Day 107 10:52)

18:06 - Action Timers now, once again, behave as they should.

17:26 - Action timers are stuck again. This is a known issue and we are working to manually clear the backlog.

13:36 - Action Timers now behave as they should.

10:52 - Action timers are currently stuck. This is a known issue and we are working to manually clear the backlog.  

(Edited by Erek on Year 18 Day 107)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 106 21:21)

Update to revision 51c8ef38681a4bb562279c6b27e92edc0e4b32c0 (+101)

- Added new equipment fitout image for female characters.
- load sun images with png extension if available
- use svg images for scanner if available
- Added code for prettier deep space starfield backgrounds
- Added code for prettier deep space starfield backgrounds
- Room movement overlay is now a border to contrast better with new room images.
- Facility, fighter and speeder specific room images are now available

- Fix spaceport/starport confusion on rules pages (starport is correct name)

- cockpit pages with 1000's of ships visible will render slightly faster

- Lost souls can be claimed directly from the position interface

- Problem destroying ship when hyperspace abort into sun
- Sensor power incorrectly calculated over planets (and facilities) when sharing sensors (#2246)
- Rules pages not showing all available race images (#4266)
- Fix inventory crash when two filters added and first filter is removed
- production queues are limited to ships/vehicles and items/droids queued together
- Types/Factions inconsistencies (Web API Forum)
- Types/EntityTypes resource doesn't permit trailing slash (Web API Forum)
- incorrect system background drawn when ascending from planet
- Removing government datacards upon reversion crashes if government is missing any DCs they're assumed to have (Unit Tests)
- HQ DC allotting fails when factions should have more than 1 HQ DC available (Unit Tests)
- Updated entity rules pages to show batch value separate from individual value to eliminate confusion (#2982)
- Fix for DivideByZero when squadded with ship with no hyperdrive
- Make DamageDealt class correctly report hull damage (instead of HP damage)
- PHP expecting array in inventory filtering error (#4232)
- Squad size display on position page counts number of members, ignoring slot size (#3410)
- NPCs can be ordered onto ocean tiles without caring whether they have the appropriate gear to disembark on that terrain (#4063)
- Equipping NPC fitouts ignore weight/volume capacity (#3416)
- Custom item charges CPs but gives error about missing custom images (#4210)
- Faction combat reports not logged. They will now be visible to any member with the Combat Reports->View Combat Reports and Logs priv (#4080)
- Combat events visible without Privileges->Can View Combat Events priv (Unreported)
- ship wrecks missing large image
- Crates produced and owned by dissolved factions will now be sent to the NPC market (#3864)
- Dropping items in a full entity allows stacking equipped entities (#4150)
- NPCs calculate volume capacity differently than characters (#4263)
- Can add arrested characters to a full party (#4234)
- fixed fatal error on assigning force skill points
- Add hostile owner type to select widget
- Fix ctool creature search crashing
- ctool crash on HostileOwner entities
- Fix crash when trying to dock in a deep space square
- Members menu not rendering when variable accessed
- Correctly remove entities from squads when ship/vehicle/npc/etc is destroyed
- Fix being able to use jetpack in a fire delay (#4262)
- Fix unable to access squadded ships materials in facility construction (#3402)
- admin property editor crashes when NPC type is loaded
- admin property editor crash when no properties are defined

As part of this update we're releasing a new feature added by Clarr Solo since his return: deep space locations without planets now have a chance to spawn asteroid fields. All ships left on the same sublight square as an asteroid will take damage over time based on the size of the ship. If a ship is destroyed in an asteroid field, escape pods will be filled with people and ejected automatically. Other things aboard the ship will be lost. Note that this applies only to deep space locations and not to the entity currently called 'asteroid field' that can be found in existing systems. Deep space asteroid fields will also only spawn when a player enters a deep space location and will not spontaneously spawn on top of assets currently located in deep space.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 18 Day 106)
(Posted by Erek on Year 18 Day 94 5:01)

As of this moment, the Generic DCs have been revoked as necessary. Anyone still concerned about their faction can submit to support or contact the staff via email/DM.

Edit: included below is the explanation originally included in last night's post titled, "Spying Rules, Golden Rule, Multi-Rule, Generic DCs."

Generic DCs

On a separate note, some of you may have noticed this thread regarding the use/misuse of Generic DCs. An investigation has been conducted and we will be going through and manually selling/revoking extra DCs in the reverse order you bought them until you are below the threshold you were eligible for at the time of our investigation, These actions will appear to be carried out by the leader of the faction when they are shown in your events. Further actions have been referred to the Simmaster and those of you that intentionally abused the Generic Datacard purchasing system will be contacted once further decisions have been made.  

(Edited by Erek on Year 18 Day 94)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 91 15:49)

One thing that was not emphasized enough in the sync report is that creatures and bandits have become significantly more dangerous. There was a bug that prevented them from attacking as often as they should and that has now been corrected. Please plan accordingly.