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Player Administration

Prohibited (Posted by Arjuna on Year 17 Day 334)
1 Year 17 Day 334, 22:03 Arjuna banned player Nym of Gloucester   2 Year 17 Day 334, 22:03 Arjuna banned player Jorah Knig...

Player Ban (Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 331)
The account Ashley Stanley has been banned indefinitely following repeated OOC harassment, stalking, and impersonatating SWC staf...

Overdue Follow Up (Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 325)
I wanted to follow up on something from several months ago. On Y17 D225, we banned Naomi Felian and Jeor Knight for spying rules vi...

Community News

The Art Team Speaketh! (Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 18 Day 20)
To all the wonderful members, If you notice a recent bug between certain ships and stations not looking correct (namely the MC-...

Deadline [STAFF RECRUITMENT] (Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 275)
Thank you to all of those who either applied or provided input, the deadline for Asim applications has passed. If we need informa...

A force that truly works for peace and justice... [STAFF RECRUITMENT] (Posted by Erek on Year 17 Day 266)
Due to the increasing constraints on our Assistants' time, we're looking for more Asims to help keep the Combine running smoothly...

Technical News

Asim Applications Update (Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 37)
It seems there's a problem with the assistants mailing list, which is probably why we haven't used it in over a year. Please subm...

Stuck Timers (Posted by Syn on Year 18 Day 36)
Many action timers are currently stuck. Please be patient while this is resolved. Update: Timers have been fixed; it was an issu...

2017 SWC Updates I - Asim Applications (Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 36)
Happy new year everyone! In the first of our 2017 SWC update series, we're announcing a new assistant simmaster application. We'r...

(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 37 23:30)

It seems there's a problem with the assistants mailing list, which is probably why we haven't used it in over a year. Please submit asim applications directly via Darkness Message to Selatos instead of via email. If you have already submitted, please re-submit via DM to ensure that I receive your application.  

(Posted by Syn on Year 18 Day 36 17:07)

Many action timers are currently stuck. Please be patient while this is resolved.

Update: Timers have been fixed; it was an issue lingering from the software upgrade last week. 

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 36)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 36 15:30)

Happy new year everyone! In the first of our 2017 SWC update series, we're announcing a new assistant simmaster application. We're also announcing new rules and policies for asims, and I'm announcing that my family is working hard to turn me into Veynom by getting me Star Wars LEGOs for Christmas (work in progress). So, first, the new rules and policies:

  • Newly hired asims will no longer be required to irrevocably drop their character. Instead, their characters will be suspended for the duration of being an asim.
  • Asims will continue to have no IC activity related to their character while working for the administration.
  • Asims will have a defined period of service of six months after which a new group of asims will be hired. There is no limit on the number of terms if reselected.
  • Applications will be in January and July, with asims working from February through the end of July and then August through January of next year.
  • Compensation in the form of Combine Points will be provided for asims who remain active and effective throughout their service period.
  • Asims will be required to use IRC and must be active in staff channels as that is how the majority of decisions are made.
  • Asims duties will continue to center around helping players affected by bugs, handling support tickets, and dealing with rules violations. There will be opportunities for asims to assist in designing RP opportunities for SWC at large, along with participating in discussion on game features before they are announced or implemented.

With that in mind, applications should be submitted via email to assistants@swcombine.com. Please answer the following questions in your application.
SWC-specific questions:

  1. What is your Combine handle?
  2. How long have you played SWC?
  3. What have you done IC so far (including previous characters)? What are you working on currently, and what is your position with your faction?
  4. Why do you want to become an asim?
  5. Are you involved in any other online games or RPGs of a similar nature? If so please describe your position and responsibilities
  6. Please provide three references of SWC members who are not on the administration team that have been in the game for at least two years.

Real-life questions:

  1. Where do you live?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What is your occupation?
  4. How much time would you like to volunteer per week on improving SWC?
  5. Have you performed administrative duties in the past or organized groups/events?

We will be accepting applications through January 15th, 2017, and the selected asims will be announced on the 22nd. They will then have until the 31st to wrap up IC activity and will join the team on the 1st of February.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 36)

Lightsaber Parts have been added to bandit fitouts and have the possibility to drop upon bandit death. All parts except the Focusing Crystal may be acquired this way.

Lightsaber construction is still being developed, but will allow Force Sensitive players to construct a lightsaber by combining the necessary parts and crystals in the appropriate way. More information on that will be announced when development is complete.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 31 18:41)

Hi all, we're aware of another issue with support tickets being unavailable; an update will be posted once they have been fixed. Please do not DM me instead of waiting to submit one through the ticket system.

Update: It should be resolved, that was faster than anticipated. 

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 31)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 30 16:01)

Update to revision 4d5cc9818f685bca8e35a59f85b9bdabfafe3485 (+31)

- Custom image rules updated on CP exchange page (#4208)
- Mysterious eggs no longer appear on the NPC market for 0 credits, instead starting at 100,000cr. Also, bugged cargo container prices will work rather than choking on the distance part of the price equation. (#4198 & #4199)
- Clarified TT-8L failing to deploy error messages, acknowledges deployment in faction-owned facilities (#4191)
- Added fields to planet CTool to allow for removal of broken planet images (#4176)
- (Un)Assigning DCs doesn't check for "Assign Datacards" priv (Unreported)
- Mine inventory shows unlimited yield regardless of if yield is specified (#4184)
- Naval shipyard (facility) doesn't show tooled to information in inventory (Unreported)
- Missing space in RSS feed item for new faction creation (#4185)

- Requesting an authorized faction resource with credentials of someone no longer in that faction will now return a 401 instead of acting like it worked but showing the public result. (Web API Forum)
- Leaving a faction will now reset all previously granted API permissions (Unreported)
- Removed v0.1 API resources and documentation due to v1.0 being the maintained version of the API (Unreported)
- SimNews categories WS paths conflict with viewing specific articles paths (Unreported)
- Pulling SimNews via API fails (Unreported)
- Revoking WS tokens fails (Unreported)
- WS Documentation fails to display (#4171)
- WS Hub uses different CSS than rest of SWC (#3995)
- Character resource fails due to nonexistent resource (#4186)
- GNS/Military resource fails (Unreported)

With this sync we've upgraded to the latest stable version of PHP, 5.6, for the first time likely since the release of PHP 5. There might be outstanding issues due to language differences between 5.6 and 5.4, so please open bug reports with details. In general, this version of PHP should offer significant performance improvements through the integration of an opcode cache, in addition to making it easier for us to keep software updated.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 28 13:18)

We will have scheduled downtime on Monday, December 26th, around 12 PM CST. It is unknown how long the game itself will be down, but we will be upgrading some software on the server throughout the afternoon (php, holocron, etc.).

Update: The dev server will be updated today, but there are more issues than anticipated so the main server will not be updated until tomorrow (Dec 27) at the same time slot. 

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 29)
(Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 18 Day 20 16:41)

To all the wonderful members,

If you notice a recent bug between certain ships and stations not looking correct (namely the MC-60 & GOlan) please be advised that this was a minor issue and shall be fixed as soon as the art server is re-synced.


IN addition, starting January 1st, a new image rule will be put into place regarding custom items. The vast majority of clothing applied as custom items will no longer be accepted, and in the future will have to be placed on appropriate clothing items. We have items such as clothing, cape, vests, belts, and cloaks which should within reason cover most of what you all already submit. Hats, sunglasses, and such will still be allowed as we do not have any generic headwear items to fill these items, otherwise most clothing should fit into that with some shifting of definition (IE cloaks can also apply to jackets, overcoats, trenchcoats, and the like.)


I would also like to remind everyone that this game is intended to be PG-13. We have rcently seen a few custom item submissions that seem to toe the line on this. Please do not push the limits to see how far you can go, we will push back if necessary.


That is all, have a happy holiday!  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 18 0:37)

Apologies for the downtime, we had some issues with a rogue web crawler indexing our site. It has been blocked. Please remember to check status.swcombine.com for real time updates should they come back.  

(Posted by Syn on Year 17 Day 342 22:14)

For those of you who noticed the ongoing White Scenario board downtime, this is due to our host Yuku upgrading their servers and transferring all of the boards over to the new servers. Since this is a third party host for that forum, we can't provide any accurate ETA for them to be restored, but hopefully this won't take much longer.

In the meantime the Scenario Hall and Meeting Hall on our own forums are always open for new scenarios and roleplaying.  

(Posted by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 17 Day 329 23:27)

Thanks to all who applied.  I will be going through them all and then sending a DM to all those who are moving to the next level of selection.  Best of luck to all the ones who move on to the next level and appreciate all the applications from those who will not.

The DM's should be sent within the next couple weeks depending on my work schedule.  

(Edited by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 17 Day 332)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 17 Day 321 17:37)

Update to revision 2536c7463a8a894bbbcbb41e78edeef23e6bb53e(+21)

- Personally-owned NPCs don't give owner skill point update events (#4175)
- Undiscovered races visible in cascade dropdowns (#4179)
- mySQL error during droid capture despite capture working (#4006)
- Types/Entities resource fails on certain types (#4169)
- WS Index resource gives permission errors (Web API Forum)
- Creditlog doesn't require any permissions (IRC)
- OAuth referring to nonexistent permission (#4166)
- Summary view filtering by cargo container: items and cargo container: droids
- Failing to modify lock sent double/wrong events (#3827)
- Dissolved factions will now send stocks they own to the leaders of those factions (#4043)
- You may only authorize Government, Bounty Hunter, or Mercenary factions for A/E (#3701)
- Removed "(awarded by )" from most XP events (#3776)
- Added handle validation to admin tools for changing handles (#3965)
- Cannot spawn in an HQ being recycled (#3994)
- Fixed dead characters showing new character's last login date and IRC nick (#3777)

- Moved "Close" to top of forum admin options


These are mostly bug fixes from Ted, relating either to the previous sync or issues revealed by it. Additionally, I've been awol for a few months now, but I am able to make more time for SWC recently, so I will be working through the massive backlog of communication I've received since then. Please be patient and feel free to contact me (especially on IRC) to remind me of outstanding issues.

Mikel edit: I did things too D'=  

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 17 Day 321)