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Community News

Deathmatch goes into finals (Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 15 Day 282)
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Technical News

Sync Report Y15D324 (Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 324)
Update to revision 28728 (+144) Bugs: - Replaced relative with absolute pathes in GNS flashnews RSS feed (#2921) - System sca...

Sync Report Y15D309 (Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 309)
SWC updated to revision 28584 (+163) Features - Contact Owner button has been re-added. A message will be sent to the owner (o...

Timers stuck (Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 276)
Action timers are getting stuck again today so expect some issues with fire delays, force timers, and other actions completing, a...

(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 324 12:46)

Update to revision 28728 (+144)

- Replaced relative with absolute pathes in GNS flashnews RSS feed (#2921)
- System scan XML export works again (#2441)
- Force training will no longer auto-restart under certain circumstances (#3555)
- NPCs can now properly be ordered to board an entity containing the entity they're currently inside (#3554)
- Lightsabers can now be dropped/stowed while in deflection cooldown after aborting (#3531)
- B'omarr Monastery quest NPC should once again give the achievement (#3333)

- Contact Owner button has been restricted to ships. Additionally, it should no longer appear if you are the owner, commander, or pilot of the entity, or if your faction is the owner and you have "View Ships" privileges
- Force implementation status and descriptions for implemented skills updated to reflect reality
- You can now kick individual npcs from squads (kicking the squad leader disbands the squad)
- You can also kick a group of npcs from their squads by using the checkboxes (can not kick the squad leader this way)
- You can add npcs to an already formed squad
- Added buttons for removing RL Name and Birthday from account settings

- New multi matching tool to streamline the process
- NPC editing tool can also modify skillsets

- New infotext field for all inventory entities except stocks and datacards
--- shows up in regular and tree views as well as stats pages
--- can be filtered and exported
--- show up in the cockpit view where applicable
--- editable for commanders and owners
- Security Control Panels may now only be used if you are its Owner or Commander/Quartermaster. In the alternative, you may now hack a Security Control Panel using an Electronic Lock Breaker. See the rules under "Locks and Keys" for complete information.
- Quest system:
--- A lot of work was done on the backend for future Quest implementation of various sorts, and pretty much all design questions have been answered and are now awaiting implementation
--- Lightsaber Quest estimated implementation status: 65%, target: Thanksgiving


This sync has focused on quality of life issues with the UI and attempting to make things a little bit more reasonable to manage. Squads and fitouts will also be receiving more attention in upcoming syncs to improve this further. At some point, so will the cockpit UI. We are still working on repair and combat. Repair equations are ready on a preliminary level but the implementation is not complete yet for testing. One additional objective that has been identified is streamlining tasks that asims perform regularly (either as part of helping players or for tasks like rule enforcement and multi detection) with improved tools that automate more extensive manual procedures. The goal is to increase the amount of time that our asims can spend doing "game building" type of activities that add to the SWC experience relative to how much time they spend on maintenance tasks.

As part of that we are planning to introduce new IC activities that do not correspond to new game client features, such as hunting for items or locations hidden across the galaxy based on puzzle clues, which will be designed and executed by the asim staff. Rewards for these types of activities will not be limited to just combine points; sometimes they may include XP or other in-character prizes. We would like to increase RP activity and perhaps provide a way for players and groups to interact more frequently. We are not planning on bringing back red scenarios or any variant. Any necessary in game activity will take place using the client itself, within the bounds of established rules and features.

Edit:The journal wasn't actually ready and has been removed from display.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 324)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 309 17:21)

SWC updated to revision 28584 (+163)

- Contact Owner button has been re-added. A message will be sent to the owner (or faction leader, if faction-owned entity) informing them of the name of the person and their location (with links to DM and view the entity in the inventory)
- Faction privilege templates added, along with a new privilege to edit the templates (auto-assigned to leaders and 2ICs)

- Force rules now have a table of skills and their implementation status
- You'll now receive an error message when trying to found a city where someone's already in the process of founding one
- Improvements for some poorly written farm collapse events
- Unsquashified planet grid images on the rules page (Coalition against rectangles with unequal sides)
- Cybernetic Operations: Adjusted wording so it no longer implies faulty cybernetics can be removed. (Eventually the ability to allocate more skill points will be added to counteract cybernetics skill penalties)
- WS API: added leader and 2IC to the factions resource
- WS API: added controlling faction and population to the galaxy resources
- Construction: default building orientation is now vertical again
- Inventory: visual tweaks to the city stats page
- Inventory: included container in sort order by location

- Bulk reward tool added to simplify process of mass-rewarding players with XP (like from WSes or forum RP)
- Action information tool added to display actions associated with an entity and end related timers

Bug fixes
- Cities that are deleted will now delete all facils within (BUG: 3516)
- WS API: web services settings page is now robust against obsolete permissions
- Inventory: city export works again
- Cockpit: focus scan on entities with raw mats aboard works again

Stats updates
- The following droids can now fit 16 to a party (up from 12): Battle Droid, K-4 Security Droid, T-Series Tactical Droid, Z-58-0
- The following droids have had their hull and shields increased to better compensate for their inability to level: Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid, K-4 Security Droid, Mark I Assault Droid, Probe Droid (hull only), Sentinel Droid, Super Battle Droid, T-Series Tactical Droid, Z-58-0
Heavy Weapons
Heavy weapon placeholder stats have been modified according to preliminary hull combat calculations.
- Damage values increased for: MiniMag PTL Missile Launcher, NZ 9118, RPS-6 Rocket Launcher, K-43
- Damage values decreased slightly for: Merr-Sonn Mark II, Stouker Concussion Rifle, HB-11
- Heavy Weapons now have a base 75% miss chance in non-facility ground combat (hunting, bandits, etc) as they are intended for use against hull entities such as facilities and vehicles
- All facilities have had their hull values greatly increased in preparation for facility combat.

Development Status
The current development objectives focus around improving and releasing ground combat. In the short term, we are improving facility combat and hope to release it into beta on Derra very soon (stats updates are the first step towards this release). At the same time we are working on re-implementing Repair to release it before facility combat is enabled globally. At first you will only be fighting admin-created facilities so there is no need for repair because we can just keep making more of them, but once players can destroy each other's expensive buildings, it'd be nice to be able to undo combat damage. In the long term, for ground combat, our objectives are to have pvp including droids and npcs, player vs. facility combat, and improvements to squad behavior and interaction in combat ready to support a global release. There are also many minor components of this, too many to list here, that will be added as we move in that direction.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 309)
(Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 15 Day 282 5:03)

Time for another round of the Deathmatch. Who will win, Frezt or Obi? Some more grudge matches for you to vote on and looking at the last round it seems more syncs would be appreciated - so get yourselfs in gear, learn to code and volunteer!  

(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 276 12:39)

Action timers are getting stuck again today so expect some issues with fire delays, force timers, and other actions completing, although we'll be completing them manually from time to time until the problem can be resolved. This usually does not affect travel timers.

Edit: Should be fixed now.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 276)
(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 267 16:14)

As the IRC services database recovery occured nearly two months ago, I'll be reenabling the 60-day nick expiration again in about a week. If you haven't accessed your IRC account since Day 215, please do so in the next week if you want to avoid your nick expiring.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 260 23:24)

SWC has been updated to revision 28421.

Performance Tweaks
- Added missing table indexes to address a few poorly performing queries
- Restructured several actions-related queries to reduce overhead

Bug Fixes
- Double travel XP (#3474)
- Credit transfer exploit (#3505)

- Droids will now display shields/ionic while in your party
- Droid hull/shield/ionic values have been updated based on the new rules
- Attempt to improve colorbar overlay text by turning it black for yellow colorbars
- When traveling in sublight, you will automatically avoid black holes. If your final destination is a black hole, you will still die. This was changed because it is inconsistent with how navigation works around suns; you can "see" the gravity well from a black hole on sensors just the same as with suns, so it is reasonable to have the "ship computer" automatically avoid them

Gameplay Changes
- Droids can now be repaired with a toolkit containing droid parts every half hour based on your repair skill, for 10*(repair+1) hull points
- Droids will regenerate shields and ionic capacity at a rate of 10% every two hours (ionic is not otherwise implemented yet)
- Droids have a 10% chance to drop droid parts on death
- Droid production factions have been assigned the droid parts datacard
- Droid parts require rockivory to produce

Droid Changes
- All droids that use weapons, and several that don't, have had their Hull and/or Shield values tweaked (generally raised). This includes: ASN-121, Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid, G0T0 Droid, Hologlide J57 Cam Droid, K-4 Security Droid, Mark I Assault Droid, Mark IV Patrol Droid, Patrol Droid, Probe Droid, Prowler 1000, all R-Series Astromechs, Sentinel Droid, Super Battle Droid, T-Series Tactical Droid, T7 Series Astromech, TT-8L Sentry, Z-58-0.
- The following droids have had their party slot values adjusted (generally upwards): Battle Droid, K-4 Security Droid, Mark I Assault Droid, Sentinel Droid, Super Battle Droid, T-Series Tactical Droid.
- Droid weapons (Light Blasters and Medium Blasters) have had their damage values decreased. Heavy Blasters were added as a new droid weapon with a higher damage output.
- Destroyer Droids and Mark I Assault Droids have traded their Light Blasters for Medium Blasters. Super Battle Droids have traded their one Medium Blaster for two Heavy Blasters. Probe Droids have traded their Medium Blaster for a Light Blaster.
- The following droids have had their skill values improved: Destroyer Droids, Super Battle Droids, Battle Droids, Mark I Assault Droids, Sentinel Droids, T-Series Tactical Droids.
- The T-Series Tactical Droid has been given standard terrain restrictions that were previously overlooked.
- Destroyer Droids have overcome their fear of the dark and have learned how to navigate Forest and Jungle terrain. Mark I Assault Droids have learned how to navigate Glacier terrain. Sentinel Droids have learned how to navigate Crater and Cave terrain.

Edit: Toolkits have been increased to the same capacity as Medikits since Droid Parts are the same dimensions as Refills.

Edit 2: We've also added another new bounty to make the rules pages look prettier, by changing how equations are drawn, and we need the community's help!

Edit 3: Toolkits have been added to some NPC bandit fitouts so that bandits may drop them on occasion when they are killed.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 261)
(Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 15 Day 256 2:17)

Well, time again for another round of the Deathmatch. Who of the final four will make it to the finals? We also have some new Grudge matches for you to peruse. Looking at some of the last ones it seems that most of you value your friendships and won't sell them out for credits. You lot also think that SWC will not progress without some massive changes.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 248 0:07)

Gameplay Changes
- Newly created factions will have initial value set to the minimum for their faction type, not the actual capital on hand
- Faction initial values have been (universally) reset to match the minimum requirements for their faction types
- Faction initial values will never be modified in response to stock issuing, etc.

- Added an un-claim button to disown items you own (at your position only, currently)
- Kick passenger button restricted to "Visible on this entity" box

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an exploit involving city creation for XP gain
- People now get XP when travel finishes and they are on a docked entity (ID: 3426)

Rules Updates
- Made the 21 day penalty for dropping a char red and bold to grab peoples attention more
- Updated the Ground Combat rules to reflect that weapons and items cannot be equipped or unequipped while in a fire delay
- Updated the Facility Construction rules to clarify that the Administrator or Chief Commissioner of a city can modify roads

Dev Tools
- New VM for developers to use
- Room map tool fixed (still waiting on maps)  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 248)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 243 0:01)

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I've gotten the MSD's room maps fixed, and as part of that I've teleported everything in the entrance to the room directly above it (all 313 entities). Additionally the tool that is used to update room maps works again so we'll be importing maps for things that don't have one yet, in the coming days.


Edit: To clarify, the MSD is the Merchant Space Dock. I've also added a room to the Strike to make the other half accessible, but the proper updates to room types, etc. are forthcoming.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 243)
(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 240 1:37)

Action timers are currently broken. Stay tuned for updates.

Edit: Timers are working again.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 240)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 237 1:23)

Two updates for you all this evening.

The first is that the easter eggs/presents have finally been converted into CPs. For your entertainment, here are some statistics on the results:

Total eggs: 158799
Homeless eggs (unclaimed): 147824
Claimed: 6.911%

Top ten egg collectors:
#1: Steve Sphinx with 365
#2: Xrati Zee with 253
#3: Bancho Curr with 250
#4: Guenther Netzer with 250
#5: Xakic Jix with 159
#6: Bossive Ketwol with 156
#7: Dac Kain with 150
#8: Kal Djin with 142
#9: Ellias Aubec with 134
#10: Emanon Klatoo with 131

You may also have noticed that you received two CP events. This is because I screwed up the first time while distributing rewards :(.

The second is that we've posted two new bounties in the "Work for CPs" forum: the first deals with improving the way CSS files are organized and updated, and will probably be a relatively lengthy project; the second deals with NPC template skill representation on the rules pages. If you'd like to contribute to SWC but don't know how to program, these are good opportunities that do not require extensive experience, and hopefully you will be satisfied with the reward/effort ratio.


Edit: The egg removal caused some problems with certain containers, but this has been fixed.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 238)
(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 235 18:45)

After last week's removal of the Galactic Message Exchange, Erek, Banquo, and I assembled to develop a new roleplaying forum for SWC. The goal was to create a forum for players interested in more roleplaying opportunities that could serve as an intermediate step between the unmoderated freeform Meeting Hall and the highly structured long-term White Scenarios.

At the top of the RPG Centre, you will now find the new Scenario Hall. This is a forum in which anyone may create a new thread to run a scenario of their choosing.

Similar to the Meeting Hall, no particular structure is required. Players who wish to participate in freeform roleplay and chat in a cantina setting may do so, and players who would rather start a more structured scenario with a storyline and end goal may do so as well. You may create [Open] scenarios in which anyone can participate, or [Restricted] scenarios just for a group of friends or factionmates. The thread starter is entirely in charge of his thread and its direction.

Similar to White Scenarios, XP will be rewarded for participation, although this amount is capped at 500 XP per thread (averaging to no more than 20 XP per post, although posts will not be scored individually). XP will be awarded once the thread is requested closed by the thread starter when the scenario is concluded to his satisfaction, or once the thread reaches 30 days of inactivity. XP is only intended as a participation reward for roleplaying and contributing to SWC's IC environment, and attempts at using the forum to farm XP will be blocked.

Moderators will only interfere in instances of godmoding, rules violations and abuse, or if specific complaints are submitted, and will post an XP tally at the end of each thread. This largely hands-off approach will hopefully prevent the forum from accumulating an XP backlog as we have commonly seen with White Scenarios, and will give players the freedom to roleplay in the SWC universe as they wish.

A full set of rules (many of which will be familiar to players experienced with White Scenarios), a brief guide to scenario types and how to get started, and a sample scenario thread have been made available in the forum. Please read the sticky threads, and if any questions arise, feel free to ask any of the moderators or post in the OOC discussion sticky thread.

The Meeting Hall and the White Scenario board will continue to exist unaltered, for players who prefer completely unmoderated freeform RP or the greater commitment and XP rewards of WSs.