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Community News

NPC team needs YOU for quests (Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 16 Day 16)
With quest progression going well, the NPC team needs committed players to help us write quests for people to engage in. Initiall...

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Technical News

Applications for Q&A Team is CLOSED; First cut has been made. Check your DM to see if you made the next level. (Posted by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 16 Day 11)
The first cut has been made.  I have sent a DM to a list of people who have advanced to the next level of selection for the ...

The Q&A Team needs Testers!!!! Do you have what it takes? (Posted by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 16 Day 9)
The development team needs you to test for the Combine!   We're looking for players with experience in vast parts of the g...

Rules Update (Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 8)
A couple of weeks ago we held a community forum to hear players’ thoughts on the spying rules and the rules governing IC/OOC se...

(Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 16 Day 16 22:21)

With quest progression going well, the NPC team needs committed players to help us write quests for people to engage in. Initially we will be looking at more tutorial style quests to get new players used to how the game works, but in the future we will then move into more expansive quests and galaxy-wide style quests as well.

So what we need are players that are knowledgable in the scripting feature (here) and are interested in helping out. If you have an interesting scrip that you want to show off your skills, go ahead - might make the difference when we decide.


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(Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 16 Day 16 22:13)

It is the end of the old Deathmatch - time for a new one! Go vote for your favourite and leave the others in the dust. Also new grudge matches for you to peruse, with one timely one as well - no promises that the ASims will actually follow through with it.  

The first cut has been made.  I have sent a DM to a list of people who have advanced to the next level of selection for the Q&A Team.  If you have received a DM from me, please answer the questions enclosed and please begin idling in the #swc-dev room.


I would also like to announce the list of current testers who have been reactivated or who already know the tools and do not have to go through the training process.  This list will comprise the current team until the new ones are added.


With the focus being on reforming the Q&A Team into something more structured, people may be removed from it at any time due to inactivity and other reasons.


Current Q&A Team:


Simkin Dragoneel

Kay Dallben


Jeff Knight


Dollian Teague

Dunta Star


If you feel you should be added to this list for some reason please DM me and explain why.  

(Edited by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 16 Day 15)

The development team needs you to test for the Combine!  

We're looking for players with experience in vast parts of the game, or willing to learn parts of the game to help the Combine Development Team test bug fixes and other assorted things we want.. tested.  

I'm not going to take players who I will presume to be released onto the Development Server, and just play around spawning SSDs or something.  

Full training may be given, depending on how much time I have, pay will be set at a similar standard to other teams depending on your activity and bugs tested.  

Former and current Testers that have gone inactive during the long interim or that still want to be on the team please message me so I can get you working again.  

Anyone interested needs to email me (sims@swcombine.com) with why they should be on the QA (Testing) team, preferably answering the following questions:  

1) What is your handle?

2) How long have you been with the Combine?

3) Why do you want to join the QA Team?

4) What skills do you think you can bring to the QA Team?

5) What country do you live in?

6) How much time can you spend on the Combine in general and helping in particular?

7) Were you involved in any projects that would qualify you for the position?

8) Can you spend time every day/other day idling on #swc-dev to help test things as needed?

9) Anything else we should know about/can help your application?  

I will review your applications and I will be selecting players to join the team, depending on my busy schedule this may take a week or two.  

Thank you much!   Sims  

Any questions, please join #swc-dev on IRC.    


P.S. Yeah, I am also appreciating the irony of Sims posting on the Sims News.  Laugh loudly for about 10 minutes and then it will be all over.


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(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 8 5:10)

A couple of weeks ago we held a community forum to hear players’ thoughts on the spying rules and the rules governing IC/OOC separation in game. I want to thank everyone who came to participate, sent me emails, or read the logs afterwards. We considered the options and decided to make only minor changes to the underlying rules and philosophy, but we have tried to make the written rules more clearly reflect these things.

In particular, we’ve updated the life and death rules and the spying rules, as expected. You may not respawn into the same position within your faction, as determined by Darkness. This means you may not die and become leader or 2IC, but other promotions are permitted. We rely on players to encourage “good RP” regarding new characters, but attempting to micromanage what is good and what is not is difficult to do consistently without an unambiguous standard, and it is a better use of ASim time to focus on other tasks. The rules about asset inheritance remain unchanged: you may only purchase previous assets at a fair market price.

This decision was made quickly, and Felix Goreclaw was already unbanned as he isn’t breaking the clarified rules.

The spying rules changes were less controversial, but we needed to spend time deciding what their consequences would be for previously banned players. We’ve clarified the text to state that you may not share or post a player’s OOC information without their permission.

We’ve decided to reduce Kyran’s ban to 6 months, rather than permanent, after making this clarification, as a first offense. But, let me be clear. This counts as a first offense for everyone, and should this come up again there will be no opportunity for leniency.  

(Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 16 Day 3 19:20)

It was recently brought to my attention that a significant number of people feel that the art rules for custom images are either to strict, limiting, or harsh. And despite me asking the people to message me about their complaints i had not yet heard anything. So, to start the new year off to a good start, I would like to hold an open discussion on the current rules pertaining to customs. The current list of them can be found here:


I honestly want to hear people's opinions and thoughts on this, as the rules have perhaps become limiting or outdated and this is a chance to review what was created many years ago. I welcome anyone to freely express their opinions.


Link to forum discussion thread:



The Art Penguin  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 1 11:33)

Update to revision 29286 (+256)

- Added Merchant Space Docks to HQ checks and NPC Transport locations
- Mines now yield properly (Bug 3582) (hotfix)
- Named rooms will now properly appear in the movement list (Bug 3583)
- Fixed station construction throwing an argument error (Bug 3580) (hotfix)
- NPC Control now shows all NPCs you can access, previously was just the ones you piloted
- Added the Arrested overlay to the Cockpit view (Bug 3581)

- Improvements to templates for NPCs
- Rules pages for ships, droids, and vehicles now indicate what class it belongs to (such as Light Freighter, etc.)
- Production Faction Types updated in the rules
- Spying rules, life and death rules, and multi-account rules have updated wording
- Weapons table on the rules page is now sortable and weapon names link to their respective rules pages

- Talk/Interact only appears if the entity has a script available
- New images for the following: Thermal Goggles, Robe, QH-3 LAV, Mobquet A-1 Deluxe Floater, Minimag PTL Rocket Launcher
- Journal UI changes and general HTML cleanup
- DM ship/vehicle owner link in cockpit
- Updates to LISP system, see changelog for details, as there are too many changes to reasonably list here

- Party stealth: you can enter stealth mode while in a party now. The lowest stealth skill is used for the whole party, and a penalty based on party size is applied to your stealth score.


This sync has fewer changes than usual, but it seems everyone is taking holidays at the same time. With the new year approaching, I thought it might also be good to identify the primary development goals that we have for the year. Minor things will probably come up, but this is an overview of the tasks that will guide our implementation strategy over the next 12 months

SWC 2015 Development Targets

In the target list, completed targets (shown to establish a reference point) are in green. Targets in progress are in orange, and targets not yet started are in grey. Repair has started testing this past week. We are also developing a new, planet-level power sharing system, which entered the initial implementation phase this week, and work has begun on another new inventory system, because the current system has too many issues for a straightforward fix. Likely we will not wait until it is 100% complete to release it but instead offer the ability to use both inventories once it is stable, until all features have been moved over.

The focus is primarily on engine support for combat and non-combat game content creation. After combat we can implement R&D, and after our main new features are done we will loop back around to the economy to start working on a new stock market, the first of many changes that will enhance the economic simuation. In parallel we will be rolling out lots of server changes to address performance scaling and improve the developer workflow.

I know there is a strong interest in announcing the results of last weekend's presentations regarding the spying rules and IC/OOC separation. We are still discussing things and I will post an update during the week some time with the results and a dedicated message about it. Some of the basic rules clarifications were included in this sync, but we have not reached our final conclusions.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 1)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 353 2:54)

#swc-forum log link: http://swcombine.com/swc-forum.txt. This will be updated periodically throughout the day, as well as approximately one hour after each session concludes.

This has been a hectic 24 hours. After many conversations with many people, and after watching the forums, it seems that what I had hoped was a simple reminder of rules that people already understood a certain way was apparently an introduction to a foreign interpretation of the rules for many players. Several good posts have been made in the discussion on the forums, along with several bad ones, so instead of summarizing the arguments here, I’d encourage you to check them yourself.

First, I’d like to announce some adjustments. Leigh Kellan will be unbanned immediately. Her participation was misunderstood, and information that wasn’t available in our original source material indicates that she had actually privately raised objections to the methods used and information being collected. I appreciate those who came forward to fill in the gaps, and I’d like to apologize for our mistake. Kyran and Lex are unaffected by this change.

We’ve also taken a more careful look at Felix Goreclaw. His account was immediately reinstated in a leadership position in his previous faction, and he immediately began receiving assets from said faction, which is what triggered our internal respawn asset tracking mechanisms. After much discussion and some detective work, we’ve concluded that his received assets were related to faction work and not laundered assets from his previous character, and after accounting for the intervening time interval his personal net worth has not been improperly increased to that of his previous character.

However, for the time being, Felix has not been unbanned, although his ban will be reduced. This is related to the second point I would like to make. Our rules in this area are a mess and the reinstatement itself may still be too much based on our current interpretation. The spirit of the rules is hard to explain to people because it’s a gut feeling, and long conversations made it clear that there are many different interpretations that seem reasonable, not as special rules for the people who hold them, but as useful compromises between the extreme possibilities of characters resuming previous identities or of characters never being allowed to associate again with people they formed OOC friendships with.

We remain committed to the central objective of SWC: everyone should be able to come here and have a good time roleplaying an entirely different experience from their own lives, based on a common interest in Star Wars and its lore. By its nature as a game with a single, shared universe instance with permanent consequences for all characters, we must have rules governing behavior, in and out of character, to encourage the vague notion of “good gameplay.”

To address this, I’d like to invite you all to a forum-type rules discussion and review to be held next weekend (Saturday November 22nd) on IRC, in #swc-forum. We’ll be discussing IC/OOC separation in SWC with a focus on the two areas that came up yesterday: playing characters who are essentially continuations of dead characters, and responsible information gathering. The format will be a moderated discussion where one speaker at a time will present their perspective on these issues, covering three main areas:

  • What is a reasonable level of character separation for recreates?
    • How do we differentiate between a recreate who is choosing to RP a similar experience because they enjoyed it and a player who is attempting to continue their previous character with a new name? Does attempting to make this distinction contribute to gameplay?
    • How do we handle the personnel challenges faced by differently sized factions? Losing one key player and being unable to replace him with a respawn can destroy an entire small faction, but it has much less effect on an extended command structure. Is this a fair balance? Does this merit different standards or allowances?
    • What is a reasonable standard for identifying recreates who intend to abuse the assumed independence of characters and how can we avoid OOC shoehorning based on past lives?
    • Related scenarios or considerations the speaker may wish to remark on.
  • Spying and OOC information
    • What type of information is fair to collect about players/characters without their consent or knowledge?
    • What type of information is fair to request of players/characters directly?
    • How should OOC information be handled by factions? What are reasonable standards for use of OOC information to make IC decisions?
  • What role do intentions play in analyzing all of these considerations?
    • If someone respawns to steal from a faction, is it always against the rules? Is previous alignment sufficient to establish a rule violation? How is it different from a completely new character who thought that would be an interesting direction to choose?
    • If players collect inappropriate information, how do subsequent actions affect guilt or severity? Should a misunderstanding of the rules be taken into consideration?

Each speaker will have 10 minutes. After all of our speakers, we will have 45 minutes of Q&A: people can submit questions to the moderators during the presentations, and then we will present them to the speakers and hear their responses. People who wish to present a set of opinions should email me (selatos@swc…) as well as CC the asims (assistants@swc…) with an outline of their case and their timeslot availability. We will have two sessions, one at 11 A.M. PST (D358, 12:00 combine server time) and another at 11 P.M. PST (D359, 00:00 combine server time), each tentatively lasting an hour and a half with four scheduled speakers. If there are too many well-argued cases to fit in a timeslot then we may add an additional speaker.

Selection for presentation will be based on the quality of the reasoning, not on the specific opinions presented, but the (clear) objective of your argument should be to meet the basic goals of SWC. For the presentation itself, I would strongly advise against preparing a wall of text that you paste into the chat all at once, because it is easier to follow text presented one line at a time, preferably at a reasonable reading pace (generally, typing pace is suitable because we experience it every day). The channel will be available for unmoderated discussion between the scheduled presentations. Full logs from both sessions and the unmoderated chat will be available after each concludes. Players who were banned from IRC yesterday will be permitted attend and participate, and even speak if they submit arguments and are selected.

The outcome will be used to help understand how the players see the rules and what perceived weaknesses are, whether in utility, enforceability, or fairness. The rules will not be updated to reflect the favorite opinion, but the discussion will serve as a guide for us to clarify things with the additional admin perspective and ensure that everyone plays the game on an equal footing. It is not fair to have people taking advantage of possible gaps in the rules to get ahead of more conscientious players, but it is also not fair to have the unlucky few who receive greater scrutiny be punished if “everyone is doing it” but most are unreported. Punishments may be adjusted based on any changes we make to the rules.

EDIT: To clarify, if you have a position or wish to submit thoughts on one or more positions, but you don't want to present it for any reason, I am also accepting this type of feedback which will be ground up and formed into one or more hypothetical viewpoints, questions, and concerns that I will present from an unaffiliated perspective as well.

#swc-forum log link: http://swcombine.com/swc-forum.txt. This will be updated periodically throughout the day, as well as approximately one hour after each session concludes.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 358)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 352 3:12)

Hi everyone,

Normally I come to you with sync reports, a cause for celebration. However, today we have to take a moment to discuss the rules, because people seem to be forgetting them. SWC is a game with a strong focus on information, and a review of the spying rules is sorely needed.

First, you may not impersonate other SWC members. So long as you break no other rules in the process, you may of course mask your identity, but always remember that you may not claim to be someone you are not.

Second, you may not use OOC information in an IC manner. You may not require people to give you any OOC information that they do not wish to divulge. You may not, under any circumstances, treat a player's life as actionable material. You may not prepare a dossier on their OOC lives. You may not publish any information they might otherwise keep private. There are several factions who require listings of previous handles on their application process. This is not allowed and must be removed. Punishment will follow if this continues.

Similarly, you may not use IC information from a previous character. Each new character represents a completely independent beginning. This means no asset recovery from a previous character, no reinstatement of position or fast-tracking through a faction, and no sharing of information learned as a previous character.

Third, you may lie about IC information, and you may object to or interfere with other players' IC endeavors so long as you follow the rules and do it in an in-character manner. Posting slander about someone on the GNS is acceptable; attempting to prevent them from using the game website by spamming messages is not. Harassing people on IRC is not permitted. You may disagree with and dislike someone, but there are reasonable standards of decent conduct that must be observed to ensure that everyone is able to play the game without fear for their comfort or safety outside of the game.

Finally, please remember that ASims do not have characters, and players with characters are not ASims, regardless of membership in other teams or community standing.


We also have several related bans to announce. First, Athena Carlyle has been banned for 6 weeks for attempting to post secret IC information on Holocron after being executed. The actual punishment length is only 3 weeks, but an additional 3 weeks were added due to the respawn timer. This does not extend to IRC.

Kyran Caelius has been permanently banned for profiling and attempting to profile players' out of character lives, more commonly referred to as "doxxing." Leigh Kellan and Alexander von Ismay have both been banned for 3 months for facilitating Kyran's activities as accomplices and for making extensive use of player history to affect IC actions. All three of these bans include the IRC server.

Felix Goreclaw has been banned for 1 month for receiving his previous character's assets and being fast tracked through his previous faction to a high ranking position. The related assets have been removed.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 345 14:13)

Update to revision 29030 (+302)

- Fixed mass-editing infofields (#3559)
- Boarding Rules updated (#3566)
- Items that are owned by NPC Market can no longer be made NPC owned when packing and unpacking them (#3428)
- Made it possible for the position view to display the tooltip for each subaction (#3542)
- City request now can be accepted without the Facility Build Requests privilege (you now need the City Build Requests priv) (#3152)
- Moved the Ship/Facility/Vehicle Type Name right before the Ship/Facility/Vehicle Name so that there is enough room to display the Infotext and the Party slot Size inside of the Borders of the Cockpit View (#3558)
- Fixed a bug that prevented forums from being moderated (unreported)

- Corrected the creature spawning information on the Terrain Rules
- Corrected the skill reset information on the Character Skills rules. Characters must be below level 3 (not 4, as previously stated) and must not have had a previous character in order for the skill reset tool to work
- Corrected the IRC channel descriptions on the Live Chat page
- NPC type rules (such as tutorial NPCs) have been updated with a new design
- Added rules for Stealth
- Updated rules for new NPC scripts
- The ability to display LaTeX equations has been added to the rules pages
- All of the equations under "General" have had LaTeX versions added to improve readability (more to come next time)

- When moving items/NPCs the suggested rooms will now also populate with any named rooms on the entity. Additionally, you can click on the room name/ID to have the Room ID box auto-fill.
- Mines that are full (or will become full with the current yield) will now properly look for a Silo in the city that is owned by the mine owner. If there is space in the silo, the extra materials will be loaded into it at a cost of 75*unit credits. This is automatic and requires no further option selection on existing mines.

- A new page to view development projects and descriptions has been added.
- A journal to track quest progress has been added (for real this time). There aren't any quests yet, but I'd keep an eye on the GNS.
- A new NPC control interface has been added, which allows you to directly modify NPC equipment at your location, as well as add, modify, or delete fitouts.
- A new stealth system has been added, which allows you to hide from other players on the ground or inside ships, facilities, etc.
- A new scripting engine based on the LISP family of programming languages has been added, replacing the existing NPC script system. It will be used for any in-game scripting that comes up in the future.


Things seem to keep popping up to delay previously announced goals. In this case, facility combat. Because of the decision to push for a quest release (and lightsaber quests) and to use it to support some in-game events, we spent time looking at and talking about the quest system as it was two weeks ago. Basically, NPC scripts were very weak due to the syntax and organization they used. To remedy this, SWC will be using an in-house flavor of LISP/Scheme to do NPC scripts as well as other in game content scripts. LISP was chosen for ease of implementation (less than a thousand lines of PHP), ease of use (very simple syntax, only one "form" to know), and its power as a programming language.

Implementing the language interpreter, migrating the quest system and NPC script system to the new language, and expanding its capabilities far beyond what the current system can do became the primary goal for this sync. Ideally, new game features will actually be implemented using this scripting language as we move forward, but for now it is only used for NPC, item, and quest scripts. This itself though opens a door to allow players to increase the sophistication of NPC interactions and provide deeper immersion.

In general, Zhao and I also discussed and realized a few things about how SWC has been implemented that are perhaps obvious in hindsight. SWC is a game with a "real" game engine, but it is not implemented as a traditional monolithic engine with multiple subsystems would be, in C++ or another language. Instead it's implemented as a bunch of PHP scripts that organize and make library calls to try to read and update database state. The process of managing game state through the database and the game logic are tightly integrated, as a result. This is a major issue and likely a source of a lot of problems, because we don't have concrete systems for things like notifying objects in game of events happening to other objects that they might be interested in (different events from the ones players receive in the notification bar). In other games this system would be called a trigger system.

We're still aiming to release actual features (facility combat and repair, that have been announced), but implementing a trigger system, improving some outstanding issues with the actions system, and integrating a proper scripting language are all necessary to create a game engine that we can use to move forward with SWC on the whole. At the very least, expect (minor) features to accompany the integration of any systems that are improved or added, such as the ability to heal a party or squad of friendlies at once using the planned (skill-based) multiple-action support.

Repair is still showing progress as scheduled and will enter beta testing soon. We have plans for changing how power generators work to improve targeting priority in facility combat, a thread on the plans will be posted shortly as well. We're also devloping new player quests in order to help guide new players through the game as soon as they join, through the game itself, rather than delegating the task to factions.

Additionally, I would like to thank Mikel (quests, journal, tweaks), Lan (npc interface, stealth), Kendall (repair), Abyhsen (projects, bug fixes), Olwin (bug fixes), and Marsen (HTML/CSS everywhere) for their significant contributions and excellent work these past few weeks.

Also, there were some technical considerations that had to be taken care of (PHP version upgrade). Hopefully the server stability has returned to normal but we'll be keeping an eye on the situation.

Edit: We've encountered a small bug where if you are in the cooldown for a force power and in the stealth reroll cooldown, and you change containers (board/unboard or cross terrain), it breaks your stealth action and everything (including movement) stops working. We're working on a code fix to be updated asap, but in the mean time please don't change containers while in both cooldowns! If you do get stuck though, contact an asim as it can be taken care of relatively quickly.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 345)
(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 332 22:32)

Hi everyone, during this weekend's sync we will be replacing the NPC script system, unless something comes up between now and then. Although I will make an effort to make your current custom NPC scripts available for download, they may not be accessible immediately after the old system is disabled (that is, you may not be able to retrieve them for another two weeks) because that's a lower priority task than finishing the new system but we have a release timeline. I would advise you to download a copy of current scripts to be able to update and replace them with the new system. We will not attempt to automatically convert current scripts to the new format.


Details about the scripting language will be revealed over the weekend, along with a new bounty regarding existing normal NPC scripts, which need to be updated. I am very excited about these changes and hopefully you will be too.  

(Posted by Selatos on Year 15 Day 324 12:46)

Update to revision 28728 (+144)

- Replaced relative with absolute pathes in GNS flashnews RSS feed (#2921)
- System scan XML export works again (#2441)
- Force training will no longer auto-restart under certain circumstances (#3555)
- NPCs can now properly be ordered to board an entity containing the entity they're currently inside (#3554)
- Lightsabers can now be dropped/stowed while in deflection cooldown after aborting (#3531)
- B'omarr Monastery quest NPC should once again give the achievement (#3333)

- Contact Owner button has been restricted to ships. Additionally, it should no longer appear if you are the owner, commander, or pilot of the entity, or if your faction is the owner and you have "View Ships" privileges
- Force implementation status and descriptions for implemented skills updated to reflect reality
- You can now kick individual npcs from squads (kicking the squad leader disbands the squad)
- You can also kick a group of npcs from their squads by using the checkboxes (can not kick the squad leader this way)
- You can add npcs to an already formed squad
- Added buttons for removing RL Name and Birthday from account settings

- New multi matching tool to streamline the process
- NPC editing tool can also modify skillsets

- New infotext field for all inventory entities except stocks and datacards
--- shows up in regular and tree views as well as stats pages
--- can be filtered and exported
--- show up in the cockpit view where applicable
--- editable for commanders and owners
- Security Control Panels may now only be used if you are its Owner or Commander/Quartermaster. In the alternative, you may now hack a Security Control Panel using an Electronic Lock Breaker. See the rules under "Locks and Keys" for complete information.
- Quest system:
--- A lot of work was done on the backend for future Quest implementation of various sorts, and pretty much all design questions have been answered and are now awaiting implementation
--- Lightsaber Quest estimated implementation status: 65%, target: Thanksgiving


This sync has focused on quality of life issues with the UI and attempting to make things a little bit more reasonable to manage. Squads and fitouts will also be receiving more attention in upcoming syncs to improve this further. At some point, so will the cockpit UI. We are still working on repair and combat. Repair equations are ready on a preliminary level but the implementation is not complete yet for testing. One additional objective that has been identified is streamlining tasks that asims perform regularly (either as part of helping players or for tasks like rule enforcement and multi detection) with improved tools that automate more extensive manual procedures. The goal is to increase the amount of time that our asims can spend doing "game building" type of activities that add to the SWC experience relative to how much time they spend on maintenance tasks.

As part of that we are planning to introduce new IC activities that do not correspond to new game client features, such as hunting for items or locations hidden across the galaxy based on puzzle clues, which will be designed and executed by the asim staff. Rewards for these types of activities will not be limited to just combine points; sometimes they may include XP or other in-character prizes. We would like to increase RP activity and perhaps provide a way for players and groups to interact more frequently. We are not planning on bringing back red scenarios or any variant. Any necessary in game activity will take place using the client itself, within the bounds of established rules and features.

Edit:The journal wasn't actually ready and has been removed from display.  

(Edited by Selatos on Year 15 Day 324)