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(Posted by Jenos on Year 12 Day 345 15:09)

Elijah Edit for Gav: The script has been run again so this post has been bumped to provide information on the action.

NOTE: I have recently reran through the script, so there is likely to be some mistakes again. please write a support ticket if this affects you.

First off, if you're banned:

The reason you were banned is most likely because you have either:

- Multiple characters.

- Multiple players at the same location as yourself, and you did not declare them as a 'known multi'

- Have logged in at the same place as another player over the past month or so

- Have recreated your character recently.

The reason we have done this is because we have recently changed our registration system, allowing anyone to register instantly. These checks were usually done during the registration process (which is why some people before the registration update had to wait up to 24 hours to join). Now obviously, there are a few bugs with the current system (i.e. recreates bringing up false results), and the fact that there were so many this time there is likely to be some mistakes. If we have made a mistake, contact us through support tickets and we will look into your case.

Also, because we used to do what we could to prevent people creating multiple accounts, either not understanding the rules, or choosing to ignore them, we have decided to be lenient with them from this point onward. If you did have an illegal multi account, and you were caught in the validation checks, then we will give you the benefit of the doubt, and not ban your original account. If you get caught a second time as an illegal multi (or outside the validation check), then you will be banned for 2 weeks. A third time (or second outside the check), you will be subject to a much longer ban. This is because if you take steps to avoid the validation check, then we assume that you are aware of the rule and are choosing to break it.

In this instance, however, to save us a lot of work, if you do have multiple accounts, let us know the account you want us to unban in a support ticket, and we'll unban that one.

Now, if you were wondering what the 'Failed Validation Check' message means in the ban (for those wondering in the faction events). This is the automated message which is sent out by the tool. If you get this message, then there is a possibility that this member is a multi account which has not registered properly. We will hopefully keep on top of these so you shouldn't get too many (hopefully we'll run the check before they start to join factions), but if you do, I would recommend holding on to them for a week. They may have just not provided their known multi information when they registered. If they go inactive after a week, it is unlikely they will be unbanned from that point.

Hope that cleared a few things up for everyone. Plus, it's on the front page of the Sim News, so newbies can see it :D  

(Edited by Elijah Shoryyhn on Year 13 Day 182)