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(Posted by Jenos on Year 13 Day 36 7:43)

Angelus Nigrum and Kuro Shi have been banned for 21 days for being the same person. He can contact support when his ban is up to have the account Kuro Shi unbanned.

Thanks for everyone who spotted the clearly obvious scam on the CPM, which Kuro actually posted while he was dead. I checked it out and they were without a doubt the same person (same IP and logins for one).

Also, it's good to know we've trained our staff up to spot the bleeding obvious:

[11:42:21] Arjuna: [06:00] %Tog[a]n: Jenos, time to check some multi? Kuro Shi and Angelus Nigrum look suspicious
[11:42:21] Arjuna: [06:00] %Tog[a]n: reference: http://market.centrepointstation.com/details.php?lid=177142
[11:42:47] Arjuna: I don't see any link, their logins don't seem to follow a close pattern
[11:43:10] Arjuna: but it is fishy  

Note: Yes, this ban is less than the usual ones. Yes, we are aware. No, you don't need to remind us of that fact. We will be discussing punishments in detail at the Dev Meeting, and should have some basic guidelines for bans.  

(Edited by Jenos on Year 13 Day 36)