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(Posted by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 13 Day 68 0:00)

It is midnight at Denver. I hereby officially conclude the 2012 Star Wars Combine Dev Meeting. It was fun. It was exhausting. It was productive. It was everything a good Dev Meeting should be. We had good talks, we came to an understanding, we found new friends and new perspectives. We broke an all time record of most Sim News postings in one week. We will all now go home. Whoever can will get a good rest and some sleep and then we will continue our work for the Star Wars Combine with renewed motivation and the determination to implement whatever we have planned.

This year we will make a video on the 2012 Dev Meeting and targets, similar to the one we made 2009. The video was extremely popular and we got many requests to make one every year. It may take a few days, I am still working on it currently and the editing takes quite a while.

I am happy to announce that the next Star Wars Combine Dev Meeting will take place in Atlanta in August 2013, prior to Dragon*Con. Dragon*Con will be a great setting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Combine, hopefully with a large number of players. This will be a one time opportunity to attend a great convention and meet the Star Wars Combine developers team, so  we decided to announce this early to give people a chance to prepare.

I want to thank everyone who attended the Dev Meeting. The team members who donated a full week of focused work for the Combine and the players who braved a snow storm to meet us for dinner. I also want to thank all members of our extensive team who keep working for the Combine day after day, all year long, Dev Meeting or not. I also want to thank all the players who made this game and this Dev Meeting possible through their support, be it material or immaterial. This game couldnā€˜t exist without you.

Thank you all and good night.  

(Edited by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 13 Day 68)